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Chris Harrison’s redemption season continues. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis made guest appearances. Kareem shook his head at the miserly 30:26 Bachelor basketball score. And Copper at Barkfest became the star of this season.

You go Chris Harrison. Take back your show. Chris Harrison got to introduce the date card. He better be careful, because Rachel’s furry friend, Copper, is coming in hot to steal the lead with a hurt foot and adorable date in tow.

Who got kicked off: DeMario was sent home unceremoniously this week, only to return to the mansion later to try to talk to Rachel. His ex-girlfriend called him out after the group basketball date and took him to court (see what I did there, please don’t abandon me). DeMario pretended like he didn’t know her after he very clearly recognized her. And Rachel had none of it. Keeping it 100, she sent him home on the spot. (Next week, we find out what happens when he tries to come back.)

the bachelorette rachel week 2

One-on-One: Peter got the one-on-one date and a rose.

Group Date: Dean got the rose on the first group date, which involved grilling, football, and a poorly designed obstacle course.

Group Date #2: Josiah got the rose on the second group date, so both him and Dean, along with Peter, are safe going into the rose ceremony.

No rose ceremony this week. Next week, we’ll get to see the drama with DeMario as all of the bachelors run to Rachel’s aid and then the dates continue!

Until next time, Bachelor Fans! Full Recap to follow.