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Dean Gets a One-On-One, Rapping Appears to be Making a Comeback #bringbackthescrapbook, and Chris Harrison is Shining as the Spelling Bee Host.

This week the drama with Lee has begun and he roped good ol’ Kenny into it. Not cool. We like Kenny. Peter’s still hanging out being handsome, and for some reason we’re hanging out by a dock doing a spelling bee.

Who got kicked off: Diggy, Brady the Booger-Picking Model, and Bryce the Fireman went home tonight at the rose ceremony.


One-on-One: Dean got the one-on-one date. They flew the GoodYear Blimp and went to a concert where they danced on a completely normal raised mini-square platform in a crowd of people and kissed. It was very sweet. Dean also told her how he lost his mom to cancer when he was fifteen.

Twitter Recap: These tweeters have it going on.



The Bachelorette is coming in two-fold next week to make up for lost time. Next week is double the fun with episodes on Monday and Tuesday night both 8|7c. So buckle in, stock that wine cellar or wine cans (let’s be real). (Also, PSA they make wine In. A. Can. Babe Rose´)

Good news. I figured out who Adam was. He just looks so lost without Adam Jr. around.