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Viking Games. Keeping it 100. And rose ceremonies galore.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. So many men went packing in a two-night packed Bachelorette week. Rachel is keeping it 100 and cutting them left and right so we can catch up. There are only 6 men left, which means hometowns will be approaching soon.

Monday: Jonathan Tickle Hands and Iggy went home at a rose ceremony. Jack went home on a one-on-one date, because there was no spark. They danced on the date and he was just too nice and boring for Rachel. Anthony and Josiah were sent home at a rose ceremony.

Tuesday: The group headed to Copenhagen. Will went home on a one-on-one date, because there was no spark. Kenny and Lee were sent home on a two-on-one date. First, Rachel weeded through both of their stories, decided she couldn’t trust Lee and sent him home. She didn’t give Kenny the rose because she needed more time with him and later they decided they weren’t far along in their relationship and he should go home to his daughter. In a teary good-bye rose ceremony, Rachel let Alex go. She keeps saying she has developed feelings for all of the men left so it’s harder for her each time she goes through a rose ceremony.

Who got kicked off: Iggy, Jack, Anthony, Josiah, Will, Kenny, Lee and Alex were all gone this week.

Best Quote: Alex when talking about Dean trying to be a Viking during Viking Games

“If we were playing pretty pretty princess, sure, he would crush the game.”

Alex when talking about himself for the Viking Games:

“These games were made for me. Costumes. Check. Athleticism check.”

Alex is the best. Dean is the best. Next week we find out why Rachel seems to be closing herself off from some of the men.

Until then, Bachelor Fans!