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Hometowns are Coming! We are down to four men. Dean got a second one-on-one date. Bryan is still trying to kiss Rachel’s Face Off. And Rachel told Peter She Really, REally, Really, Really Likes Him.

We are down to four men! Which means hometowns are just around the corner! The two guys we know very little about – thanks to ABC focusing on the Kenny-Lee debacle and the Lucas-Blake feud – were sent home this week on a group date.

Who got kicked off: Adam and Matt were sent home this week. At one point they did a side-by-side of the two sitting outside together talking and I realized how little screen time either of them had until now.

the bachelorette rachel who got kicked off

Peter opened up about his past relationships because the “L” word just wasn’t there. Rachel told him she really, really, really, really liked him. Peter told her he really, really, really, really liked her too.

Dean opened up about his family was unconventional and that he was worried compared to the other guys, Rachel wouldn’t be about it. She dissuaded his concerns.

Eric is falling hard for her.

Bryan is still trying to swallow her face at every turn.

Until next time Bachelor fans!