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No Rose Ceremony aaaaand I can only imagine Chris Harrison is throwing his hands up in frustration.

Rachel has had to play lawyer and put her mediator hat on for way too long this season. Finally, she gets to have some fun on some one-on-one dates and play flirty, care-free, I’m gonna get my date on, Rachel.

Whot got kicked off: The only two guys to never have gotten a one-on-one date. Such a surprise. Adam and Matt were sent home on the group date three-on-one.

the bachelorette rachel who got kicked off

One-On-One Date: First up, Bryan got a one-on-one date. Bryan got the fancy date because Bryan is fancy. I’m with Dean on this one. Bryan is a 37-year-old who has been wooing women for the last 18 years. I trust him not. Bryan attacks her face with kisses every time we see them together. He got a Swiss watch, courtesy of Rachel and drove around in a Bentley. Bryan’s already told Rachel he loves her. Bryan got the rose and is going on a hometown date.

One-On-One Date: Dean got the worst date. Basically Rachel grilled him until he opened up by pushing him until he told her what was on his mind and figuratively and literally took him to church. Also, it was a Catholic service in French. So while religion is important to her, this is nothing like her service at home. It was sweet. They sat next to each other holding each other during the service. Dean opened up at dinner that his family is a bit unconventional and that concerns him with Rachel meeting them. Rachel assuaged his concerns by telling him that she has her family. She’s good. She just wants to get to know him better. He’s going to a hometown date!

One-On-One Date: Peter got the final one-on-one date for this season. They went on a helicopter ride over Geneva to the best date ever. They went on a dog sled run. Puppies and Peter. These are the dates they go on. (see: puppy party in LA for their first date where Peter met Rachel’s dog Copper) and I love puppies and Peter. Peter told her about his last breakup. Rachel said Peter makes her miss him and long for him. All good signs except now I, along with half of America, want Peter. Peter is headed for hometowns, people. Get ready.

Group Date: Eric, Adam and Matt went on the group date where one stays and two go. They all wore peacoats like a mini gang. They got on a boat to France. During Rachel and Matt’s one-on-one time during the group date, Rachel realized Matt was so much like herself and they would have had a shot had other relationships not materialized faster than their connection. So she sent him home as she cried. Rachel is so great at putting the remaining men at ease. They took some time at dinner to talk and Rachel decided to take Eric to her final hometown date. Rachel will be the first woman Eric has brought home to meet the ‘rents.

Hometowns are around the corner! Until next time, Bachelor Fans!