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Fantasy Suite Date time…wait..hold up. Rachel turned the tables and we’re going to Texas to meet the fam bam before we Fantasy Suite Date in La Rioja, Spain.

Fantasy suite dates…errr wait…pump the brakes. We’re going to Rachel’s hometown of Texas to meet the fam! Then wine and Fantasy Suite Date time in La Rioja, Spain.

Who got kicked off: We didn’t have a rose ceremony this week. Yes, Chris Harrison is still upset about this. We still have three men left.


Rachel’s mom, Kathy, is a star. Rachel trusts her opinion to the end as she should. This episode they kept awkwardly returning to the room of doom, where Rachel would individually take one of the guys to meet the fam – really just a random hotel room. But Rachel would literally walk in, hug all the men, sit with awkward chitchat and then take one of the guys with her to meet the fam. So there’s that.

Peter – Peter did great. The family loved him. He set the bar for the other dates, and Rachel finally got some clarity from Peter on how he was feeling and that he did not want to let her go.

Then on Fantasy Suite Date time, Peter mussed it up. He didn’t seem to want to bend on his definition of what an engagement meant. To him that meant marriage. To Rachel that meant she wasn’t getting a boyfriend after this, she was getting a partner. They went to wine country in Spain and the vineyard they went to gave them a wine locker with Peter and Rachel inscribed on it.

peter and rachel

Eric – Eric did great. The family loved him. Eric asked for Rachel’s hand in marriage and Kathy gave him a round-a-bout way of saying if that’s what Rachel wants then sure, you may have it. But dude, you’ve known my daughter for 6 weeks and been on maybe two dates, let’s slow your roll.

Then at Fantasy Suite Date time Eric also did great. Rachel seems to be at ease when he’s around and smile a lot. They went on Eric’s first helicopter ride over Spain and then walked a long path to an old Spanish monastery where you could make a wish and then ring the bell three times for it to come true. It was sweet. They showed the morning after and the pair getting breakfast like a little hollywood couple.

Bryan – Bryan did subpar. The family was not in love with him. Probably because they dug a little deeper than his charming demeanor. Bryan also met her friends who had previously met Nick. Rachel was disappointed that the family didn’t love Bryan as much as the other two. Kathy trusted her daughter Rachel and gave her blessing to build on the love they have, meaning check yo’self Bryan. This is bubble love and you need to have love outside of this show.

We have yet to see Bryan’s Fantasy Suite Date because that’s all we had time for.

Read Jillian Harris’ recap on why she is Team Eric. Now after this episode tell me which side you are on. I am now Team Kathy all the way.

Until next time, Bachelor Fans. Next week is Men Tell All.