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I think my TV is broken. Rachel are you still keeping it 100? Is this real life? Someone pass me the wine.

Congrats to the happy couple, Rachel and Bryan!

 Rachel Lindsay chose Bryan in the rolling hills of La Rioja, Spain. 

In an unprecedented season finale, ABC did a live show interspersed with the finale, so there was no After the Final Rose, yet it was a 3-hour event. Rachel was brought out with Chris Harrison at a live studio audience to watch the final episode and then bring out live the guy she sent home after they watched her send him home on TV. Follow me? It was super uncomfortable and I thought she’d spill the beans! Rachel chose 37-year-old chiropractor, mama’s boy, first impression rose man from Florida, Bryan. I’m still with Rachel’s mom and pop on this one and question what Rachel is doing. The breakup with Peter seemed to suggest she was deeply in love with him. As long as you’re happy Rachel, you do you Boo.

Who got kicked off: Eric and Peter were sent home. Eric was sent home at the rose ceremony, and Peter was sent home in a tear-filled good-bye before she had her final rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony:

Eric got kicked off at the rose ceremony, leaving Bryan and Peter as the final two men. Rachel didn’t know if he was ready for marriage and her other relationships were stronger. Eric’s doing great. He’s opens and ready to receive love.

Peter and Rachel had the most heartwrenching breakup on Bachelor Franchise history. They kept having very well-spoken, intellectual conversations about why they loved each other and yet why it wasn’t working. It seemed like it was because Peter wasn’t able to propose yet because he saw that as a direct reflection of marriage, yet he loved her so deeply and didn’t want to let her go, whereas Rachel wanted a proposal and husband out of the deal, not a boyfriend and couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get to that step. There were a lot of emotions flying around and big tears. In the end Rachel broke up with him at the hotel room the night before the ceremony because it reminded her of the complicated relationships she’s had in the past. She wanted someone who was sure and confident in her. She gave him a long kiss and told him she loved him and there were so many tears. It really seemed like she loved him. At the live re-meeting, Peter still had some feelings for Rachel. 

Rachel seems to be happy in love. Her family is still skeptical. After dating for a few months in private, Bryan was reunited with Rachel on the show. And now they’re touring around making appearances.

Bachelor in Paradise Preview

Our man Dean is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise and previews show us he has two ladies’ hearts in his hands. All of your favorites are there, Raven, the Canadian man that I think only goes to Bachelor in Paradise for a living, and The Twins! I’m so excited they’re back.

Will you be watching Bachelor in Paradise?? The season premiere begins next week in a two-night event, Monday, August 14th and Tuesday, August 15th 8|7c.

Until next time, Bachelor Fans.