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bachelor in paradise cast season 4

Photo Credit: ABC.com

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4: All You Need to Know

The Format

The format got all kinds of weird after they had that minor lawsuit debacle between Corinne and DeMario. So if you wanted to give up two of your weeknights to watch the show every Monday and Tuesday, it played. ABC went off format and showed a montage of the successful Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise weddings and relationships. I assume to mediate the Corinne and DeMario allegations and to remind us love happens on the show! They also had a lot more live studio audience stuff thrown in. Corinne shared her story. DeMario shared his story. And together Corinne and DeMario shared their story at the end of the season. Chris Harrison also had an awkward sit down with the cast and discussed a lot of things before they started the season back up again. Because basically they stopped filming the first day into paradise and sent everyone home, and then brought everyone but Corinne and DeMario back again.

The Players/Cast

Diggy, Danielle M., Raven, Alexis, Alex, Iggy, Corinne, DeMario, Jasmine, Kristina, Dean, Jack Stone, Matt, Vinny, Ben Z., the Twins, Amanda, Dominque, Jaqui, Santa Nick, Robby, Derek, Taylor, Daniel, Lacey, Wells (as bartender)

Who ended up together

Raven and Adam, Taylor and Derek and that’s about it. Wells was the bartender, so not quite allowed to have a relationship with the players. But when Danielle M. decided to leave, he walked her out and they shared a really sweet kiss. They’ve been friends forever.

bachelor in paradise season 4

The Breakups

Robby and Amanda tried to date after the show. Then the Twins called Robby out that he cheated in Colorado with another lady. So they’re not together anymore.

Lacey and Daniel are no longer dating because Daniel is the most confusing human. He told Lacey he loved her the night of the Fantasy Suite dates and then got caught on camera telling a producer he could never change his Facebook status to in a relationship with Lacey. Tidbit of advice don’t deny when they have cameras that refute what you’re saying. He also spent more time with Vinny than Lacey in New York outside of the show. Sooooo.

Dean and Kristina. Dean and D-Lo.

Dean (@DeanieBabies on Instagram btw) got himself into bit of trouble. He swept Kristina (sweetheart from Nick’s season) off her feet the first day. Then filming stopped that same day. He visited her outside of the show, went on a roadtrip with her to Chicago. Bachelor in Paradise came back and Kristina and Dean were inseparable. Then Danielle L. (D-Lo) came on and Dean got confused. He went on a date with her and made out with both of them. Kristina felt used and left the show and then Dean dumped D-Lo at the end because he thought he was in love with Kristina. At After the Final Rose of Bachelor in Paradise, we found out Dean hit up both D-Lo and Kristina after the show to get together with them. Juggling is not Dean’s strong suit.

The Proposal

Taylor and Derek were together throughout the entire show. Derek loves her quirks and all and they had a Fantasy Suite date and they came back on the show for the interviews and Derek proposed to her right then and there.

Carly and Evan Waddell

Carly and Evan basically stole the show. They got engaged on the last season of Bachelor in Paradise. They had their wedding televised on this season of Bachelor in Paradise on one of the earlier shows instead of at the end. Carly’s dress was banging. They had a couple quirky extras that related back to their relationship starting in Mexico. On one of the later episodes they busted out the sonogram with their second bit of announcements. Carly and Evan are pregnant! With a girl. Evan has three boys from his previous marriage. So now they will be a family of six. According to Carly’s live Instagram feeds, their cat will not leave her side now that she’s pregnant. They’re fun to watch on Instagram live in case you need someone entertaining to follow. They had a Mexican game-themed birthday party that was also pretty stellar. Because who doesn’t like games. (If you’ll remember, Ashley and JP were the first to have their sonogram televised live.)

Ben Zorn’s Dog

Ben Z. could not stop talking about his dog. It was the reason he and Raven were meant to be together. It was the reason he was looking to find a mom for his pup. It was the reason he ended up going home.

The Twins!

The Twins came back to Paradise, but all too brief. They came in the last day and no one would go on a date with them because everyone was already buddied up. And so the twins left on the same day. Didn’t matter, because the next day the players still there had to decide their fates with the relationships they had already formed and most people broke up or left.

The Next Bachelor

Anyone remember Arie? Yeah, didn’t think so. Whelp, from the archives, Arie is the next bachelor. He was the racecar driver. The only great thing are the puns available to choose from for the season.

Bonus Time!

Wells and Danielle M. look to be super cozy post Bachelor in Paradise. Danielle M. left the show to go on a mission to Africa to put her nursing skills to good use. Wells walked her out and gave Danielle a really great kiss after she left. They make such a cute pair. PopSugar cites a podcast Danielle M. and Wells appeared on together, and said the pair is seeing if it will evolve organically. “Wells is one of my best friends,” Danielle M. said, “and I don’t want to lose that.” Having been friends for 4 years, they’re taking it as it comes. Listen in to the podcast: Your Favorite Thing Podcast with Wells and Brandi and stalk them on Wells Facebook page.wells and danielle instagram

Ok, just one more. Because Commme Onnnnn. Lol and kudos to whoever wrote “Wife her.” Heroes don’t always wear capes.danielle m and wells instagram