A Classic car, Pitstops, and Sean Lowe Returns to Give More Advice.

Happy New Year! Happy New Bachelor Day! Arie is back in action! And he’s taking pointers from Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici who are now a daddy and mommy of one soon-to-be two adorable kiddos.

Who got kicked off: Ali, Amber, Bri, Brittane J., Jessica, Lauren J., Nysha, Olivia were all the girls we will never know kicked off night one.

First Impression Rose: Chelsea who talked to Arie first and then a second time again. Chelsea is a single mama who likes to stir up drama.

First Kiss: Brittany T. took the first kiss after a mini race in mini vehicles.

Best First Impression: While Bekah led the race for America’s hearts rolling up in a cherry red ’65 mustang, announcing “I may be young, but I can still appreciate something classic,” it was Maquel the photographer that took the lead by pulling up in a two-seater indycar. She not only removed the helmet, but threw it to the side and flipped her long, blonde locks 007 style.

Worst First Impression: It has to go to “pitstop” girl who made Arie smell her armpits to hit him with the icebreaker, “That had to be the best ‘pitstop’ you’ve ever had.” Just no. Do you ever want the guy you’re dating to smell your pits? I don’t think so. I don’t care how funny your pun is. Pay attention to the deodorant commercials!

Fun Fact: Raven’s friend Tia is on this season. She has the same distinguishable southern drawl, same hobbies and same charm.

Let’s go! Arie’s winning my heart with his sincerity, appreciation for corny jokes and his excitement to find love.

Get those wine glasses…oh who are we kidding…boxes ready for next week because we are hitting the ground running.