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“For the record I am always Pro Glam.” Me too, Chelsea. Me too. Preach it. A true Glamper if I’ve ever seen one. The ladies came up with clever ways to use or not use a compass in the outdoors of Lake Tahoe. Bekah is 22 and making Arie nervous. Becca K. apologized for being sweaty at the rose ceremony.

Who got kicked off: Maquel technically left on her own volition because of her grandpa’s passing. Caroline and Brittany were sent home at the rose ceremony. No cocktail party was had.


One-on-One: Seinne our leading lady got the one-on-one date. She went paragliding with Arie on Lake Tahoe as the other ladies watched on from the cabin. She also had a dinner and concert.

Group Date: The group date was a hike in the wilderness. They split into three groups. One of the lucky groups had Arie as a team member. I’m pretty sure no one knew how to use a compass, but kudos for creativity. All roads lead to hot tubs. After they found their destination they immediately stripped down into their bikinis. Krystal cozied up next to Arie and started a feud. Arie seems to really like the taxidermist. #TeamTaxidermy

On the group date during his conversation with Tia, Tia revealed she was feeling a little insecure about their relationship and Arie’s response was “Don’t worry, I have a plan.” I’m confused. Can I be in on this plan? But like really, what is this plan? I’m curious.

One-on-One: Bekah went on a horseback riding date around Lake Tahoe. Along the trail was a hot tub. In the hot tub Bekah uncovered an accident Arie had in a truck called the Black Widow that crashed and rolled several times. He has screws in his collar bone that he broke. He bonded with Bekah even more. At dinner Bekah finally told him she was 22. And you could see his face immediately change. His mind is racing. Bekah fought to stay and Arie decided to give her the rose saying the he couldn’t let her go yet.

Jenna: No, but seriously, if you have an idea of what is going on in Jenna’s head please tell me. Like fill out the contact me page with what you think is in Jenna’s head and I will post it here. Because I am so lost.

I’m also actively recruiting hotties for the tech recruiter Brittany because she is adorable and deserves to find love. So if you know any sexy bachelors send them my way!

Best Conversation of the Night:

Marikh to Chelsea: I heard that you were glam shaming me.

Chelsea: What is glam shaming?

Marikh compared it to slut shaming, telling Chelsea, “You told Arie I was using the compass to fix my makeup.” Chelsea responded that it was lighthearted. Marikh corrected, “I was fixing my hair.”

Chelsea’s response to a producer in an interview: “I am a former model. That was part of my career to get glammed up. For the record, I am always pro glam.”

Tonight is a new episode! Get your glam and glasses ready!