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Krystal has a temper tantrum for the ages. The ladies go bowling. And Maquel Returns To Say Hi and bye.

And the bachelorettes continue their world-wide tour from Lake Tahoe to…Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Chelsea got a one-on-one on a yacht. The group date was bowling and Krystal lost her sh*t. And Tia got the second one-on-one date. Lauren B. got the rose on the group date where they played 21 questions and Arie was surprised she used coconut milk in her coffee. Easily pleased that one.

Krystal had a temper tantrum and sent her relationship on a rocky road with Arie after she packed her bags and refused to come on the group date. Meanwhile, Jenna said nervous was always at the top of her emotions. And then giggled.

Fun Facts! This is where you know Kendall from or don’t but must know! She was on an episode of Fear Factor that never aired with her twin sister. The did a stunt involving electrocution and collecting flags in a maze. And rumors that drinking donkey semen was another challenge. She was also a set dresser on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, according to Life and Style Magazine.

Who got kicked off: Maquel…again. She left for her grandpa’s funeral services and came back this week…only to be knocked back at a rose ceremony. Ashley and Marikh went home.

Full recap to follow.