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Arie is headed to Weiner, AR. Arie is falling in love with Lauren. And four ladies are gearing up for Hometowns!!

The ladies and Arie traveled to Italy to find some Pisa wine and love. Next week is HOMETOWNS! The best week of all!

Arie greeted Italy in the only way appropriate for the show, “I can’t wait to drink some wine.” Cheers to that.

Who got kicked off: Jacqueline took herself out of the game by telling Arie she had doubts and didn’t know if she was making the right decision. I think she was afraid of getting her heart broken and had 6 years of PhD ahead. Seinne went home on a one-on-one date. 22-year-old Bekah went home on the group date.

Tomorrow night 8pm is the premiere of The Bachelor Winter Games. Tune in!