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Fantasy Suite Date Cards Galore! A Tent For a Date. An Ex Returns For His Girl and Arie’s Living it Up in Peru Throwing Around the “L” Word Like It’s Confetti.

Arie and his final three ladies traveled to Peru for adventures and Fantasy Suite Date Cards. He said, “I love you,” to ALL of the ladies over and over again. Dropped the “L” bomb just like that. Arie’s like poo poo ABC and your rules, I do what I want.

Who got kicked off: Our beloved, quirky Kendall was sent home at the rose ceremony. Arie pulled her aside and they both saw their relationship wasn’t as far along as the others. Until next time, Kendall. My fingers are crossed for a Bachelor in Paradise reunion with you, your quirkiness, and your taxidermy. A beach is a very nice place for a ukele. Just sayin’. Peace.

The Twist! ‘Twas Becca whose ex returned to find her love. This guy flew all the way to Peru to give it a go with Becca. That is commitment there, ladies. He talked to Arie. It was awkward. Arie was like I literally just had a fantasy suite date with this girl you claim to love…

Becca had none of it and didn’t want that to affect her and Arie’s relationship. She went back to Arie and all’s good in the hood. Also, timeline. Becca dated the ex guy for 7 years and it was weird timing that he and Becca had broken up one year ago at this very similar time.

Anywhooos, Arie was like I need to process and didn’t know if he wanted to have to deal with the crazy ex if he did choose Becca. He asked, is this going to be a problem in our relationship later? Translation: I’m going to use this as an excuse when I pick Lauren B. over Becca. (Disclaimer: I have no idea who he chooses. I’m just being snarky. I don’t read the spoilers! They take away from the surprise!)

Two ladies are left! Lauren B. and Becca K.

Also, Becca’s date included a tent in the desert. Just a tent. Just a bed. In the desert.


Next week Monday AND Tuesday, March 5th and 6th at 8|7c is the Bachelor finale! Reality Steve and TV Guide indicate there will be a 2 hour finale and a 1 hour After the Final Rose on Monday night and a second follow-up After the Final Rose for 1 hour on Tuesday night. Yes, two nights. Buckle up, stock up and pour yourself a glass…from that box o’ wine. You deserve it.