Tonight was a night of fresh starts and cuteness. Becca Got to Smash Some Suff. And Jordan got undressed.

Becca is looking fly in her gowns and crushing this whole breakup game. Let’s hope tonight was the last of the Arie references and appearances, and we can get on with Becca’s journey to find love. Solo.

Who got kicked off: Alex, Rickey, and Trent were sent home. Alex cried. Jordan wore a fur coat over his naked body.

Group Date: Obstacle Course

An obstacle course for Becca’s hand in marriage led to some tension amongst the men. Lincoln won in a photo finish and was gifted a framed photo of him and Becca at the finish line. Lincoln kept bragging about the picture. It ticked Connor off and Connor threw the photo into the pool.

Jean Blanc stole Becca’s interest that night with a wink and his genuine nature. Becca says of Jean Blanc, “He is so attentive. He recognizes that he is missing that puzzle piece and that’s love.” Jean Blanc says he’s ready to move past a career and find the one.

One-on-One: Blake got THE BEST ONE-ON-ONE date of all time. He was also the first one-on-one date since the breakup. With Becca, he got to smash all of Becca’s breakup stuff in a rundown warehouse with LilJon DJ’ing in the background. The couch where Arie broke up with Becca on, TV’s with Arie’s proposal to Arie, a racecar with Arie Jr. on the license plate. Baseball bats at champagne. Turn down for what.

Group Date: Bouncy Dodgeball Garrett Rickey John Ryan Alex Chris Trent Leo Wills Colton. Date Card: Love comes at you hard and fast

Man Bun Mike and Jason didn’t have dates.

the boys rolled out on a school bus. Becca rolled out in short, metallic, silver shorts. And it was game time. Becca’s men entered a school gym with 3 kids throwing dodgeballs at them. Leo was like bring it. It was adorable. “The little girl was savage. She’s like the ring leader,” all the men agreed as the kids made them immediately do suicides. So adorable to see the guys in a gym and smiling and playing with kids. SO cute!! They had a practice round in the gym where the 3 little tykes set up a couple pitching machines and just let it rip on the bachelors, throwing dodgeballs 50 – 100 miles per hour. During the scrimmage round, one team’s strategy was to hide behind Becca. Christon was like I don’t give a you know what and immediately got her out. Christon’s the best.

Showtime For the real-live-action, dodgeball in a bouncy ring, Fred Willard commentated with Chris Harrison and it was great.

Fred Willard: I don’t see any losers out there.

Chris Harrison: No, no they lost.

LEO DOMINATED dodgeball. It was pretty much him in pink against the green team. Everyone else on the pink team just gave up. Leo was the last man standing in almost every round. Man bun and all. And even though pink team lost, everybody’s going to the afterparty!

Colton used to date Tia. Becca is not happy about that. She is good friends with Tia and now questioning if Colton is there for her or was expecting Tia as the Bachelorette. We’ll find out next week when Becca brings Tia and friends on the show and surprise, surprise Colton is lucky enough to get that particular date.

Cocktail Party

Clay is such a sweet guy. He did a touchdown dance and they kissed instead of bumping helmets. SO cute.

Connor tried to redeem himself by framing a photo of him at the obstacle course. He told Becca they needed to get rid of this guy and he had her launch it into the pool. Fresh starts.

Jordan tried to get Becca’s attention by stripping down to next to nothing and then he had to stand at the rose ceremony in a pink fur blanket wrapped around him. Incredible.

Next week, Becca’s rocking the red again and on the football field. Plus, her ladies are here and Tea heats up between David and Jordan.

Tweeters of the Night