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Tia and Colton Meet Again. Clay is on the DL. And Leo is coming in strong.

The Twitter-verse was up in arms at the departure of Clay. Looks like Clay and Joe the grocer have already won the hearts of Bachelor Nation.

Who got kicked off: Clay went home after he found out his wrist injury on the football date needed medical attention.

One-on-One Date: Chris got the one-on-one date of his nightmares. It was to Capital Records in Los Angeles, where they met Richard Marx. Then Chris had to write his own love song to Becca. Chris was like this is awfully soon to express all of these feelings that he doesn’t even know if he has. And Becca came out in the hallway and sat with him and eased his fears. It was sweet. And then he blew it out of the water with his lyrics.

“I don’t know why he though he was anything less than amazing,” Becca said after Chris’ lyrics.

At dinner Chris revealed like so many others that his parents’ split was why he has difficulty expressing love. Cool.

Group Date: Pamper Time

Becca brought her ladies on the group date, which included a spa date where a group of the guys and Becca’s friends painted each other’s nails and gave each other massages. Worst date ever. Also, why bring all of these ladies on her dates? Do you think that’s weird? Just me? Let me know in the comments for reals. Kendall was sweet and said that she was looking for the guys that take extra time to pamper Becca to give her good word to Becca, because ultimately Becca’s the one they’re there for.

Tia was on this date. And as we’ll remember from last week, Tia and Colton used to date and Becca was not happy about it. Awko-taco. Tia and Becca had an awkward one-on-one in the middle of the pamper date to dish it out. Tia said she had only kissed him and she hoped he was there solely for Becca. They hugged it out. Colton reassured Becca he was there for Becca.

Colton got the rose on the group date.

Group Date: Clay, Leo, Christina, Ryan, John, Garrett, Manbun Mike, Lincoln, Connor and Blake. Date Card: We can tackle anything together.

That’s right! Becca’s team of players is playing football! Becca brought out two ladies from the women’s football league and they ran drills. Clay crushed the drills and Becca got to see a whole other strong, hot side to the teddy bear. Leo and Garrett helped Becca do a couple drills. Brownie points. Then they split the guys into two teams to scrimmage. In the words of Leo, “Everyone on their team sucks.” They had Manbun Mike and Lincoln who literally tried to tackle his own teammate (also wearing blue, hard to misread). Clay was so sweet. He is an NFL player and literally does this for a living and was so sweet and patient to coach Lincoln. “Lincoln, we’re on offense. Over here.”

Clay’s team was down by 2-3 touchdowns. And I don’t think that Clay likes to lose. He tied the score basically on his own with some help from Blake to tie it 21 to 21.

Leo: “We were poking at the bear a little and then finally Clay decided to let loose and just go insane.”

“He’s a truck. It’s like tackling a moving car.”

Clay made some sweet passes, some legit runs, and as quarterback ran for a touchdown. A touchdown that hurt his wrist.

Clay got the rose on the date. Only to have to give it back at the cocktail hour later that night because he had to leave for surgery on his wrist.

Leo: “This guy is a world class athlete. You don’t want to see him get hurt.”

I have decided Leo is a much better narrator than Jordan. Jordan I have no idea what is happening in that pretty little, Wilhelmina modeling head of his.

Jordan and David Feud

David tattled to Becca that Jordan was bragging about having 4,000 matches in one year on Tinder. I mean is that a lot? I don’t know. Anyway, Becca came out and gave Jordan a high five sarcastically. And the feud began anew.

Chicken Man David was also in the hospital. He fell out of bed. That’s what the blood and ambulance preview scenes were all about. It looks like he’ll be back soon. I think Becca was trying to be polite when Chris Harrison answered her question of ‘Who did this to him,’ with basically he did this to himself, ‘He fell out of a bunk bed.’ I mean it is serious, dude fell on his face. But I think she was expecting to have a different tale.

No rose ceremony. Tonight, though, we’ll find out who was sent home. Get your wine glasses filled up and ready! The Bachelorette is on at 8|7c.