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Two Rose Ceremonies. An L Bomb Dropped. Canceled Cocktail Party. And Becca is Having None of it.

Becca is fo’ serious. She is taking this breakup-find-a-new-man extra serious. She is sending men home left and right. Becca sent Jean Blanc home on a group date because she did not think he was genuine in his love for her and then she was pissssed. All she asked for was honesty. Wills had a one-on-one with her the next day and it was kind of awkward at first, but Wills made it fun. Garrett had a one-on-one and revealed he had been married before and divorced within 2 months. David returned from the hospital after falling off of his bunk bed with his face thoroughly smashed up. Becca canceled the cocktail party because she knew what she wanted to do. And Jordan is getting on everyone’s last nerve.

Who got kicked off: Ryan and Manbun Mike were sent home at the rose ceremony that kicked off the episode. Jean Blanc was sent home on an early departure at a group date after he stole her twice to tell her he was falling in love with her after only 3 weeks. She thought something was off and sent him home. Our globe trotting gorgeous man Christon and Nick were sent home at the second rose ceremony.


The group traveled to Park City, Utah this episode. And next they are on their way to Vegas. Full recap to follow.