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When in Vegas, Don’t Go Crazy.

Who got kicked off: David, Male Model Jordan and John were sent home. David and Jordan were both sent home on a two-on-one date and John was sent home at the rose ceremony.

One-on-One Date: Colton got the one-on-one date. They rode camels and the hot tub finally made an appearance. At dinner, Colton told her he has only said “I love you” once in his life to a significant other and he puts a lot of meaning behind it. They rode around on a big bus and there was a sign that read “Kiss her.”

Group Date: Singing…again. I actually All of the men went on the group date except for David and Jordan who got to hang out at home with Colton and reaffirm how excited they were for the two-on-one date. The group date was another singing contest. I’m unclear if Becca just really enjoys singing, but this date was a train wreck. They had to write lyrics at Wayne Newton’s house who showed up on horseback by the way, and sing in front of an audience to Danke Schoen . No one was good. Chris did fine, but then he didn’t go up to Becca to get time at the afterparty leaving Becca feeling confused. Chris said that he needs to see from Becca that she wants to be with him. I think Chris forgot who the Bachelorette is or the premise of the show.

Best Quote of the Night: Leo in reference to Lincoln’s song. “No one knew what he said and some would say that was good.”

Because everyone needs a great Leo photo.

Blake is falling hard and took her outside the arena and told her he’s falling in love with her. As we’ll remember Blake got the best date in teh history of Bachelor nation where they literally got to smash everything of Arie’s in a warehouse with the sweet, sweet tunes of Lil John.

Wills is not afraid of patterns. Nor fighting for his one-on-one time. He told Chris that Chris could not interrupt.

Chris Oddly enough just like Chandler’s crazy roommate Eddie, Chris went off the deep end. You can’t say we didn’t see this one coming.

Two-on-One Date: David and Jordan got the two-on-one date in the desert. David spent the whole time talking poorly about Jordan and Jordan spent the whole time defending himself. Becca felt like she was back in the middle school. She chose Jordan to go to dinner with to get to know better and parted ways with David. At dinner Jordan only talked about himself and his modeling career and wished he had brought his portfolio. He was smiling ear to ear. Becca was not. She did not give him the rose and sent him home.

The rest of the episode was about Chris being crazy and Blake telling her he was falling in love with her.

The group is headed to Virginia, the city for Lovers.

The proposal this time was a lady. She chose an Ad Exec Jordan from Southern California and plays hockey. She is a single mom/songwriter from Nashville.