Hometowns! Tia still likes Colton. Colton told Becca he was in love with Becca. Colton is going home.

Who got kicked off: Colton will be skipping out on the Fantasy Suite Dates. He was sent home at the rose ceremony. He told Chris Harrison he was nervous about the Fantasy Suite Dates, but didn’t really need for worry.

Becca was looking good on her dates. She went to Denver and Bailey, Colorado, Buffalo, New York and Manteca, California because Garrett’s fam is there.

Becca planted tomatoes and a rose bush with Garrett; she had a chicken wing eating contest with Jason along with hockey playing; she visited the Children’s Hospital for Colton’s non-profit; she had a surprise concert in Blake’s high school auditorium of her favorite band. All of the Bachelors families were lovely despite what the previews would have you believe.

Becca invited her ladies back on the show, including Tia who told Becca she still liked Colton. Tia what are you doing? Colton went home because Becca wasn’t feeling it as much with him and Colton’s Dad told her to let him go earlier if she wasn’t feeling it so as not to crush his heart.

Giving Tia looks like what.

Fantasy Suite Dates are next week!

Full recap to follow.