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Fantasy Suite Dates in Thailand

The group headed to Thailand to find love.

Who got kicked off: Jason was sent home before the Fantasy Suite. After a day together, Becca sent him home at dinner saying that she didn’t see a future with him. Jason came back to get some clarity and drop off a scrapbook. Tears.

Jason is back to say last minute things and get some clarity. He had a scrapbook of their story that he was going to give her on their fantasy suite dates. He is so sweet. Hearts breaking everywhere. Not only that he left saying, “I’ll always be rooting for her happiness.” Like swoon.

“The world needs more Jasons.” – Becca “He deserves the best and she is going to have to treat him like a king.” – Becca in reference to the girl that gets Jason’s heart.

Becca and her final two men are headed to Maldives to have one final date and meet Becca’s family before she hands out the final rose.