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All of the fantasy suite dates and Hometowns.

This is long overdue, but hometowns are my favorite so here we go! Becca and the men went to Thailand for the Fantasy Suite Dates.

Who got kicked off: Colton and Jason were sent home, making Garrett and Blake our final two guys standing.


Bailey, CO

Blake had some formative years in high school. His mom dated one of his other teachers. (And his mom was like thanks for sharing that with the world, son.) His school was involved in a school shooting. Blake got deep. We went down memory lane classroom to classroom meeting some of his mentors. Also, Blake’s math is wrong because high school could not have been only 7 years ago or he would have been an old high schooler. The best part was when he surprised Becca in the auditorium with her favorite singer, Betty Who. Betty Who brought them on stage and Becca fangirled. “I’m the man who looks for a reason to stay, not for a reason to go.” – Blake


Manteca, CA

Garrett and Becca planted tomatoes on his family’s agricultural farm. Garrett still reminds Becca of her dad. Garrett also had a rose bush on hand so they could plant it, and he could give her all of the roses. The family loved Becca.


Buffalo, NY

Jason brought Becca to a wing-eating contest and introduced her to the fam bam. Everyone loved her and Jason’s brother encouraged Jason to tell Becca how he was feeling about being in love with her. He also took her to the hockey rink and showed off his moves. Jason was talking about chemistry in love and on the hockey rink. So poetic that one. He wins for most quotable these two episodes. “The slightest change in the lineup can change the dynamic of the team.” “I will always leave rooting for her happiness.”


Parker, Colorado

Colton took her to his charity. They went shopping for gifts for some of the kids in the hospital that his charity for cystic fibrosis supports. Colton’s dad told Becca if she knew she wasn’t feeling it with Colton to let him go sooner rather than later.

Tia and the ladies came back again. I have no idea why. Caroline still thinks this show is about her. “They’re both my friends. And my heart breaks.” – Caroline. Tia told Becca she still had feelings for Colton. (Sneak preview of Paradise shows us that Tia goes to Bachelor in Paradise to get Colton back!) Becca sent Colton home that night.


Blake got a fantasy suite date. Garrett got a fantasy suite date. Jason did not. BUT Jason did bring the scrapbook back. SO we still love Jason. Becca got in her head on their date, which is supposed to be romantic and fancy free. Instead she made a comment about putting something in their home, but she was really just referring to herself and then she felt obligated to include Jason. And her mind went bonkers and was like I can’t see a future with this guy. And she WALKED AWAY. Twice on the date. Girl is stressing so much. I mean I get it, it’s her whole life. Then she said she did to him what Arie did to her, meaning she blindsided him and sent him home at dinner without a really great explanation as to why she couldn’t see it with him. Arie is getting way too much screentime without even being present this season.

Garrett’s Date fell on a Thai national holiday and it was awesome. Becca was so stressed, but tried to hide it. “I’m having the best time.” – Becca. Becca and Garrett went bamboo rafting down the river together. There were so many people and other rafters and elephants in the water. Garrett told her he loved her at dinner, which is what Becca has been waiting to hear. They slept in a treehouse under the stars. “When I see Garrett I see my heart’s equal.” – Becca

Blake’s Date involved no kissing or touching on a hike to a buddhist temple. They learned what made love last. They rang a bell to declare their love. And then they had a dinner where they could finally touch and kiss and their overnight looked fun.

Jason’s Date as we’ll remember ended early at dinner when Becca sent him home. She excused herself from the table and then came back and said she couldn’t see a future with them. Later in the episode, Jason came back to the hotel to get some clarity and to give her a scrapbook he had intended to give her on the Fantasy Suite date. Hearts breaking everywhere.

Castaway show preview comes on every week. Again, can someone explain the purpose of this to me? I understand someone wanting to get away and reflect, but that’s what yoga retreats and Bali are for. Not going on an island with no resources and no cash money at the end. At least Eat Pray Love you bring a backpack with resources and self-reflection in it.

Men Tell All is tomorrow (July 30) and the finale is in two weeks! Who do you think it’s going to be? Garrett or Blake?

Bachelor in Paradise starts Tuesday, August 7th at 8|7c.