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Congratulations to Becca and Garrett!

Congratulations to Becca’s dad! *Ahem* I mean Garrett!! Becca chose Garrett to spend her happily ever after with and be the one man she said “I love you” to.

Photo Credit: Fabulously angled and taken shots by yours truly via TV.

Who got kicked off: Blake was sent home after pouring his heart out to Becca and she did not return the feelings of love.

bachelorette finale becca

The Ring

Is giant. Looking up the carat count as we speak because I NEED TO KNOW the size of this Neil Lane rock. PEOPLE.com always has my back. The ring is an 18-carat gold sparkler with 4 carat diamonds the size of my fist.

All About the Gold (Yes, Gold!) Engagement Ring Garrett Yrigoyen Gave Bachelorette Becca Kufrin By PEOPLE.com

After the Final Rose

Becca talked about her journey to finding love and was so giddy to introduce Garrett as her fiancé.

Becca and Garrett addressing the Twitter backlash from Ashley Spivey on Garrett’s previous Instagram likes. Becca’s face: Eeek, yeah that wasn’t great to get through…

Happily Ever After in a Wood-Paneled Station Wagon

Chris Harrison and ABC gifted them a wood-paneled station wagon to drive away in, complete with all the gear needed to be a happy couple and future parents. This was a throwback to he minivan full of soccer balls, diapers, and a car seat that Garrett pulled up in night one at the mansion to meet Becca and drive away with her heart. The beginning of their love story.

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Snacks are packed✔️ We outta here bb

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Photo Credit: Instagram Becca Kufrin @bkook

Bachelorette Party

We threw the most epic Bachelorette Watch Party! Check out Occassional Brilliance by the one and only talented and creative friend, Jess at her Instagram @Jessica1317. Get some ideas for your Bachelorette viewing parties! And or Bachelor in Paradise parties coming up. Send me your suggestions in the contact section! I love to hear from you!

  • Team Blake and Garrett pennant flags? (Because this is a game dammit!) Check
  • Jalapeño Poppers + Snacks? (Because it’s about to get spicy up in here!) Check
  • Wine, wine and more wine? Check
  • Perfectly framed portrait of Becca? Check
  • Hand-crafted paper roses by the one and only Jess? Check
  • Bachelorette banner with a rose? Check
  • Signs that read: Will you accept this rosé
  • Shirts that say “Let’s Do the Damn Thing!”? Check (These were compliments of another friend’s biz)
  • Ecstatic friends ready to cheer for their favorite dude? Check

What other items would be on your list? I’ve seen some epic cupcakes with rose blossoms on them. They cannot compare to my jalapeño poppers, but they can try. Send me a pic of your Bachelorette viewing party and I will try to feature it on here!

Bachelor in Paradise has begun. And. It. Is. Amazing. Tia is there for Colton. Jenna is back and causing all kinds of crazy trouble. And Wells and Yuki are serving up cocktails.

Bachelor in Paradise is every Monday and Tuesday night at 8 | 7pm central. Recaps coming soon to a belated-and-heavily-behind-abandoned-content-calendar by yours truly. Love you all!