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The Bachelor mansion is in “grave danger” producer Robert Mills tweeted. Creator Mike Fleiss tweeted out request for support of the mansion. As wildfires blaze through California, houses and mansions in Southern California such as Malibu, as well as in Northern California, are being destroyed by the flames.
The Bachelor mansion, which is owned by Marshall Haraden, is in the path of the Woolsey Fire. Marshall and his family leave the mansion twice a year to allow Bachelor and Bachelorette producers to film the show. As of today, the cast and crew is filming in other areas of the United States because they have made it to the off-site, traveling the world portion of the show. However, The Hollywood Reporter reports the back porch of the mansion was in flames and the fire was getting dangerously close to the back of the house. The lower house on the property was destroyed. The lower house was the site of production headquarters during filming. The Bachelor mansion called Villa De La Vina was built in 2005 and was used as the site of Bachelor filming starting with Brad Womak’s season (Season 11) in 2007 and all subsequent seasons thereafter. The 7,500-square-foot mansion sits on 10 acres of land. For a map of the California wildfires: https://google.org/crisismap/google.com/2018-camp-fire Colton Underwood’s season set to air in January is the 23rd season of The Bachelor. Resource: MarieClaire.com