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Colton was in for a ride of his life. And the ladies were ready with sequins a plenty. Two ladies showed up in the same dress. And Previews show that Colton will make a run for it. Kid can climb.

There were virginal jokes all over the place – from popping his cherry to taking his V-card. There were new rides – police car, Cinderella’s carriage (she got kicked off) – and costumes – a Sloth (she also was sent home).

Who Got Kicked Off: Alex D., Devin, Erin, Jane, Laura, Revian, and Tahzjuan (7) were sent home night one.

The Bachelor Week 1 Colton Underwood

The ladies left in daylight. It was a long night one of producing for this fresh batch of ladies. Who is your pick for Colton?

Full recap to follow.

*”Ride” puns very much intended.