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Leeches, Leeches and Leeches. Oh My!

The crew is in Singapore this week. Alliances are forming and it is not pretty. Colton is swimming in drama and he is down to get to the bottom of it all.

Who got kicked off: Tracy and Courtney were sent home this week.

One-On-One: Tayshia got the bunging jumping date in Singapore. And a rose.

Group Date: Demi got a rose on the group date. The girls (all 13 of them) were given leeches to suck the toxins out of them, and made to try local foods to prove they were adventurous because that is what Colton wants in his wife.

One-On-One: Caelynn got the pretty woman date where Colton (*ahem* the show) buys the lady all of these designer dresses and then sends her home with the loot to make all the ladies jealous. FUN! Caelynn shared with Colton she had been sexually assaulted.

The Bombs Dropped: Tayshia used to be married. Now she is divorced and jumping into The Bachelor. Caelynn’s heartbreaking story. And Demi told Colton that her mom just got out of federal prison.

The Feuds: Demi’s foes are gone. At the cocktail hour, Courtney asked the ladies (after Colton revealed Demi had called her this) for a poll of who thought she, Courtney, was “the cancer of the house.” Demi’s hand shot up and she owned it. She said Courtney said mean things to her and that she sucked.

Hannah G. stole a hot make-out session with Colton on a bed in the hotel. That is called sexual tension ladies.

Cassie was told by a fortune teller that she was a sister of Colton from a past life. I took that to mean that they are complementary to each other.

Quote of the Night: Our girl Demi with the words: “She sucks. And she may not suck one day. But right now, she sucks.” Always looking on the bright side that one.

Previews of Next Week: The crew is headed to Thailand next week. We’ll see what next week brings, but it could be that Colton is questioning his relationship with Demi after all that feuding. We’ll see. Elyse looks very upset next week and Colton looks like he is all set on all the drama.

Bonus News: Jimmy Kimmel is on a mission to help the sweet Danielle Maltby find love. You’ll remember her as the lady who does a lot of charity work and shared a kiss with bartender Wes on Bachelor in Paradise. (Wes is happily dating Sarah Hyland from Modern Family.) The Matchelor. Big fan of the name.

There is a new episode tonight that I am dying to watch. Stay tuned.