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Heather got her first kiss. Colton is playing mediator. The ladies are arguing. And we still don’t have a fence jump. No rose ceremony this episode.

No rose ceremony this episode. No Chris Harrison. But plenty of awkward close-ups of Colton’s lips. The crew was in Thailand this week and Elyse could not deal. She was falling for Colton, wanting more time and then she just left saying she knew how much time a relationship needed to develop fully.

Who got kicked off: Elyse left on her own volition. But she regretted it. No rose ceremony. 

Ladies with Roses: Hannah B. got a rose on the group date. She also told Colton she was falling in love with him. Heather got a one-on-one date and a kiss under fireworks. Her FIRST kiss! Cassie also got a one-on-one date and a rose and a TON more kisses than Heather. Cassie and Colton were maaaaking out on their own private island, at dinner, in a bed, all over Thailand.

New Feud: Tayshia lit a lantern with Colton and stole a kiss on the jungle group date. Tayshia also took Nicole’s side when Onyeka stirred up some shtuff (when Elyse, before she left, told Onyeka Nicole was only here to get out of Miami). This is probably gonna get me a lot of judgy-ness, but I’m on Team Onyeka this round. You must choose a side! Both Nicole and Onyeka have to go home for their inappropriate feuding. Colton watched a good chunk of their argument.

Best Quote of the Night: Demi in regards to the newest feud Nicole versus Onyeaka: “I’d like to be a fly on the wall,” and when a girl scolded her saying, “Demiii,” Demi retorted, “Oh and you wouldn’t?” Love me some Demi. Keeping it real.