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The crew went to Thailand last week, and are in Vietnam this week. No rose ceremony and no screen time for Chris Harrison. Going into tonight Heather, Hannah B. (the blonde lady of the pageants), and Cassie have roses. Also, going into this week…FUN FACTS! Tia is coming on The Bachelor tonight.

Kirpa’s Face Band-Aid Explained: The entire episode Kirpa was filmed with a band-aid on her chin and we never got an explanation. That is until now. Never fear, because Twitter was on it. Kirpa and US Weekly tell us what happened with the chin band-aid. Kirpa says she was just clumsy. She went to take a picture of the sunset in Thailand and forgot it had rained and slipped on a rock. She had 5 stitches in her chin and a sprained wrist – both of which caught her fall.

Who got kicked off: Elyse my favorite redheaded namesake left on her own volition. We can only hope that she returns or, better yet, finds someone even more worthy of all the love she has to give.

One-on-One Date: Heather the never been kissed lady got her first kiss under a fireworks-illuminated sky. It was also at the end of the date and ABC made sure to get all the closeups of Colton’s lips and Heather’s sighs. They explored Thailand on a boat, had a lovely dinner and Heather got a rose.

Her career has been officially changed to Has Been kissed. Congrats kiddo.

Group Date: Hannah B. got a rose on the group date. The ladies went on a jungle survival date. Hannah B. ate a maggot Fear Factor-style. Colton did not. Demi and the Hannahs decided to head back to the hotel, grab a burger and champagne and meet the crew back at the jungle. They did not win the competition according to Joe, their jungle travel guide. But I think we can all agree they won in their hearts. Tayshia succeeded in stealing Colton away a couple times – once during the jungle group date to steal a kiss and another time to light a paper lantern and release their wishes into the night.

One-on-One Date: Cassie got a one-on-one date and a private island for her and Colton where they made out the whole time. That was pretty much it. They made out on an island made of solely sand. They made out at dinner, on the boat, in the bed. They made out everywhere. She got a rose at their dinner.

Onyeka and Nicole were feuding in front of Colton. Nicole was playing the victim and Onyeka was tired of the tears. Onyeka had told Colton that Nicole was here to get out of Miami. Colton just continues to call the ladies out and make them own their stuff.

Elyse Left: After Heather’s one-on-one date, Elyse went to see Colton in her “statement dress” as the ladies called it. A) Is that a thing? B) Everyone needs a statement dress. Elyse told Colton she really liked him. She knows what needs to go into a relationship and she was doubting if she could accept a proposal after having to share his time with all these ladies. She left to go home, but heartbroken.

Fun Fact: Elyse’s baller forearm tattoo reads “Dream without Fear”. Further evidence, she is baller.

This week Colton and the ladies are in Vietnam. Let’s get our Wall Jump on! Today Colton tried to trick us into believing it happens tonight in Vietnam, but we all know that is the fence of the Bachelor Mansion. Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer. But the BIG news is that Colton said TIA will be on tonight! LET’S GOOO!

Tweets of the Night: These Tweeters are the best.