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Every time Elyse Dehlbom lifts her left forearm to brush her hair away from her perfectly make-up ready face, her beautiful tattoo artwork is revealed and questions abound. If you’re like me you’ve been wondering what that pretty redheaded lady Elyse’s tattoos say. It’s finally revealed!

Elyse Dehlbom (31), our beloved redhead from The Bachelor, leader of Colton’s Cougars in the mansion and make-up artist has a few tattoos and words of inspiration to share with the world. Here’s what they mean:

Forearm Tattoo: Dream Without Fear.

A sweet reminder for the world.

Foot/Ankle Tattoo: Coco Chanel, the French fashion designer, beads. It looks like this new ink hit the scene in 2015. Coco Chanel is a boss lady with some great inspirational quotes that I think are clutch for a perfectly decorated Instagram-worthy room. Just saying.


Artsy, pretty and fun, let’s hope this lovely, boss lady finds all the love.