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Hannah G. and Colton had a Spa Day Wrapped in Mud and Seaweed. Colton Got to Talk to Demi’s Mom on the Phone Prison Free. Tayshia is Stirring the Pot. Katie asked for Validation and Got Sent Home. Colton Was Cautioned to Stay Away From Shiny Things. The Fence Jump Appears to be on the Horizon.

All is well-ish. The crew was in Vietnam. Chris Harrison is back. We were blessed with two rose ceremonies and Colton is winding down on who will be his wife. Hometowns are around the corner people. Although, after each lady left him tonight, she warned him ominously about there being ladies left who are not ready for marriage – Colton’s biggest fear in this whole thing. So that’s fun for him. Take a look at the previews below because things are about to get good.

Who got kicked off: Onyeka and Nicole went home at the beginning of the episode at a rose ceremony, as we predicted, for their squabbling ways. Sydney chose to go home on the group date because she wasn’t getting what she wanted from Colton. Demi went home after making Colton talk to her mom straight outta federal prison, and telling him she’s falling for him and Colton not returning the feelings so he sent her home before the rose ceremony. Katie was let go at the rose ceremony at the end of the episode.

Kirpa was engaged previously, we find out. Kirpa got a one-on-one date and a rose.

Hannah G. got a one-on-one date and a rose.

Tayshia got the rose on a group date. The group date involved fighting each other and a lot of ladies feeling like they needed more validation from Colton.

Tia was on a commercial during the show for a promo for the new movie that we MUST see “Isn’t It Romantic?” with Rebel Wilson coming out this week for Valentine’s Day.

Quote of the Night (courtesy of my friend Bevin and her A+ watching skills): “She does not have depth. She has only had to rely on her beauty.” – says Miss North Carolina. Mmmm hmmm.

Previews for Next Week’s Show: The fence jump is coming! Hannah B. is hinted to be headed to hometowns, but Twitter seems to indicate it’s Colton’s parents not Hannah’s, so maybe not hometowns? Cassie was in a car alone, which may or may not mean she is leaving. Or maybe it’s her hometown! I just don’t know! Colton got warned by three ladies that headed out the door this week that some of the ladies left behind aren’t ready for marriage and told Colton not to get distracted by shiny things. I really need to know how he made fence jumping look so flawless. Like the previews show him just floating up and over. To be continued. Like if someone could get me that workout regimen to clear a fence, I’d be at the gym every day. Please and thank you.

I’m voting for Demi, Sydney, Katie and of course, Elyse in Paradise. What do you think?