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Colton’s Dad is Ripped. And He told His Son to Follow His Gut. Colton is Headed Into Hometowns. We are still Patiently Awaiting the FENCE JUMP. NO ROSE CEREMONY, BUT NONE NEEDED.

Hometowns are finally around the bend! The crew was first in Colton’s hometown of Colorado this week. Headed in to hometowns are Tayshia, Caelynn, Cassie and Hannah G. 

Who got kicked off: Heather sent herself home on the group date telling Colton she wasn’t 100% sure of their relationship, and she needed that to be the case if she were to take him to her hometown to meet the fam. She went home on the back of a train, long blonde hair flowing in the wind. Hannah B. went home on a one-on-one date after she met Colton’s family. Fun. Kirpa went home on an awkward group date, where Caelynn intervened and told Colton to follow his heart. More to come.


Hannah B. got a one-on-one and got to meet the family and then was sent home because Colton wasn’t falling as fast in love with her as she was with him.

Hannah B.’s quote of the night: “I will not allow myself to not feel chosen every single day.” Girl power.

Tayshia got a one-on-one date and stirred up some major “she said, she said” to confuse Colton. Colton spent the majority of the episode trying to uncover the truth.

Caelynn got a one-on-one date and a rose despite having been called out by Tayshia as not being ready for marriage.

Group Date: Heather peaced out on the group date becoming the third lady this season to voluntarily leave. Kirpa was all talk and got sent home. It was basically Tayshia and Kirpa against Cassie and Caelynn.

Unsolved storylines of the season: The case of the pink notebook. Colton was carrying around a pink notebook and it has gone unexplained much like Kirpa’s chin band-aid.

Next Week are finally Hometown Dates, the best dates of the season, and Colton meets the ladies’ families!