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You cannot have my daughter’s hand in marriage. Psyche, JK, JK. Tayshia’s dad kept it 100 and Cassie’s dad asked all the questions. But ‘Twas Tayshia’s brother that took over the hearts of all those on Twitter.

Colton is in Hometowns this week! Next week is a two-day special with Monday night being Fantasy Suite Dates and Tuesday night being Women Tell All.

All of the dads are like dude, I just met you, Colton, and you can tentatively have my permission to marry my daughter, but does it have to be so hasty? You mean to tell me that you’ve known my daughter for a few weeks and you love her? Yes, that’s how the show works. Skeptical is the word of the day. Every dad was skeptical about Colton and his love for their daughters.

Who got kicked off: Caelynn was sent home this week. Caelynn told him she was no longer falling for Colton but was fully in love with Colton. Awkward.


Colton’s Prayer:

God, please let me survive this fall. I still have to lose my virginity. I don’t know what I’m missing, but I’ve heard it’s really good. Amen.

Colton recited this prayer as he jumped out of a plane went skydiving with Tayshia (who if we’ll remember was previously married).

In Birmingham, Alabama with Hannah G., Colton took etiquette classes and met her Southern family.

In Huntington Beach with Cassie, Colton got his first surf lesson. “She’s got like the perfect balance of sexy and cute,” Colton says of Cassie…and they’re making out again. Colton also told Cassie’s mom that he has a lot of chemistry with her daughter. Awko Taco.

Photo Credit: Colton’s Instagram. He posted it earlier in the day before the show and had all of the hometowns shown. Cassie’s was pictured first.

In Fredericksburg, Virginia with Caelynn, Colton went on a horse-drawn carriage ride to the local ice cream shop, Carl’s. And then met all of Cassie’s family that looks so much like her.

In Orange County – Santa Ana, California with Tayshia, Colton went skydiving.

Winner of the night was Tayshia’s baller family. Little Bro with his #mood look. Tayshia’s bro who is going to be in the FBI and Tayshia’s dad keeping it real with the following quote:

Best Quote of the Night: “You don’t microwave relationships.” – Tayshia’s dad for the win, meaning you can’t just zap a 6-week relationship in the oven and call it love. Amen to that. Word.

Unsolved Mysteries: Kirpa’s Chin band-aid: Case Closed. Elyse’s forearm tattoo: Case Closed. Colton’s pink notebook: Ongoing investigation. Colton’s empty ring box pictured in the previews: Ongoing investigation. Colton’s fence jump: Approaching liftoff.

Tayshia’s family for the win according to Tweets of the Night:

Next Week is a two-day event Monday and Tuesday at 8|7c. The important thing you need to know is that there are two nights of Bachelor next week: Monday and Tuesday. So stock up your wine fridge and prepare like your preparing for a snowpocalypse. Next week Monday is Fantasy Suite Dates. Tuesday night is Women Tell All and as my friend texted me, it’s going to be saucy.