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Congratulations to Cassie and Colton!

The main thing to remember is that we all want and deserve fierce, fence-jumping love. And to be chosen every single day.

Colton gave his final rose on After the Final Rose to Cassie.

Colton went after the one he loved in Portugal, but it took a lot of convincing on Cassie’s part. To be honest, I’m still not sure if she’s fully convinced. Before Cassie left the country and after he had said good-bye to Tayshia and Hannah G., Colton told Cassie she was the only one left. Cassie was shocked. He took her to meet his family in Spain. Colton’s Dad asked Colton if maybe Colton just wanted what he couldn’t have. Colton’s mom was having none of it.

Colton took Cassie on a date, rappelling down a cliff and had a talk about why she was so hesitant to be in a relationship. Cassie said she was nervous about losing her freedom and being in a relationship in general. One quick question. Why did you go on The Bachelor? A show literally dedicated to a commitment in marriage.

Who got kicked off: No one got kicked off because there was no one left to get kicked off. Colton fought for Cassie.


Colton and Cassie finished their date with dinner and a key to their own Fantasy Suite. Colton kicked the crew out (rather quickly) and came back to ask to be de-mic’d. They kept mum about his virginity, saying that there were two people involved in this relationship now so he wouldn’t give up the deets.

Fantasy Suite Date asking to be de-mic’d

Where are they now:

Colton moved to LA to be closer to Cassie. Cassie said Colton wants to ask Cassie’s dad again for permission to marry her, but Cassie and Colton were clear that as of right now they’re just enjoying dating each other.

Chris Harrison went straight for the jugular. “Cassie, anything holding you back from a proposal?” Cassie said no hesitantly. Lots of nervous laughter.

ABC played all of the meet-ups that Cassie and Colton have had after the show –cooking, playing games, doing sign language, cuddling on the couch — to convince us they were in love. But I see right through you, ABC! Cassie had trouble expressing how in love she was. She kept nervously brushing her lipstick away from Colton’s mouth to avoid awkwardness. She made a video to tell Colton she loves him and that she found someone she doesn’t want to be selfish for. That was sweet. But she couldn’t just tell him in person? She had to make a video as a medium in between those feelings? And validate it to herself by looking back on her journal that she really did like him? I’m not so sure about this one. I’m happy Colton is happy and wish him all the love in the world, but man, that poor girl is going to break his heart one day.

Air Supply, a band neither Cassie nor Colton know, played a live performance while Cassie and Colton danced on the live stage. It left me feeling unsatisfied with a happy ending.

Important Takeaways

These are the takeaways of true love from this season in order to leave us with happy, warm fuzzy feelings, instead of feelings of dread. We all want and deserve fierce, fence-jumping love. To find someone not to be selfish for. And to be chosen every single day. Do we all believe in love again? Good, good.

Less Important Takeaways

Onyeka, Sydney and Demi and Jason and Garrett and Goose (Chris) were back to give unwanted commentary. Hints that Onyeka, Sydney and Demi are going to be on Bachelor in Paradise.

The New Bachelorette: Hannah B. is our next Bachelorette and she is without words. Typically, The Bachelorette starts in May.How about we start right now. She gets to meet her first five guys. They should have made her do a toast. Now that would have been fun. And then one of the men walked out with a toast ready and Hannah B. could not make it through a rose ceremony. Let’s watch.

Luke said some stuff I don’t remember. He was first to come up next to her at the end of the show, though. So props to Luke.

Dustin brought out champagne flutes to do a toast, which was cute but also a reminder that Hannah B. is not great at the toasting game. Knock that champagne back, Hannah B. Chris Harrison stepped in and said, “I’ll take that.” Hannah B. responded, “Aw, man.” Cute response.

Note: Connor is much more attractive than this quickly snapped photo. And tall. Very tall.

Connor had a stepping stool specially blinged out, and made a pun about being on the same level and taking the first step in their relationship.

Cam from Austin, Texas I think is a front runner. He did a rap that was lovely and Hannah B.’s reaction was priceless. In his rap, he ended with, “This is the only time an Aggie’s gonna say Roll Tide.” He blew rose petals to her. He got the first rose of this season.

Luke S. was not a Southern gentleman. “I don’t go down often, but for you, I’d go down anytime.” Chris Harrison followed with, “I don’t know if I love that. I actually thought it was Nick Vial walking out and I was like, ‘Not again!'” Haha I had the exact same thought.

First Rose Ceremony

Hannah B. was a bundle of nerves and had trouble finding the words. Chris Harrison with the save. He cued the lights and the music and announced, “Gentlemen, this is the only rose tonight.” It allowed Hannah B. to get through a rose ceremony, because she said she was ready to hand out one rose. “This is one of the hardest decisions of the season,” Hannah B. said as she made a little joke. There you go, girl. Get that confidence. Hannah B. handed out a rose to Cam, the one who came out rapping. She didn’t know how to pin the rose on the lapel. She also didn’t ask if he would accept it. This is going to be a disaster, but a fun, loveable disaster.

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