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One Last Thing Before We Dive All in on Hannah B.’s Season. Colton Underwood’s Season of The Bachelor had 3 beauty pageant Contestants, one of Which was miss congeniality.

Hold the phone! How did we miss this? Bustle didn’t. We were so focused on Hannah B. and Caelynn’s Miss USA circa 2018 feud during Colton’s season that we didn’t even notice Hannah G., one of Colton’s final 3 ladies on The Bachelor, was also a beauty pageant contestant and competed against Hannah B. in Miss Alabama 2017.

In 2017, Hannah G. earned runner-up and Miss Congeniality in the Miss Alabama Beauty Pageant, while Hannah “Beast” did not place in that competition. Fun facts: In the previous years of 2015 and 2016 competitions, Hannah G. placed third runner-up (fourth place). In 2018, Hannah B. came back to win Miss Alabama. These Alabama ladies had a longer connection than what was aired during the season.

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Somehow this weirdo got miss congeniality. 💫

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Meanwhile, ABC focused us in on the Miss USA feud between Hannah B. and Caelynn (Miss North Carolina 2018) once Hannah B. went on to compete in the Miss USA competition after her title of Miss Alabama.

Hannah B.’s platform was for mental health awareness of anxiety and depression, things she had struggled with during pageants and that caused her to step away from the circuit.

While Hannah B. crushed Hannah G. and Caelynn in the ultimate pageant to become The Bachelorette, the ladies both wished Hannah B. well on her journey to find love. Plus, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Hannah G. on Paradise. You can put a margarita bet with my name on it.

Until next time, Bachelor Fans, to beauty pageants. The Bachelorette airs on Monday, May 13th on ABC at 8|7c. You can meet the men sans bios on ABC. Bring your wine glasses!