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Krystal and Chris had an engagement party that looked and felt like a wedding according to Ashley I. They had Instagram-worthy sections of an outdoor space, lawn games like life-sized Jenga and Krystal wore a white, feathered gown. If this was only the engagement party, I can’t wait to see what the wedding looks like. They had their engagement party at the Ethereal Gardens in San Diego. 

Guest List: Many Bachelor/ette alumns were in attendance, including Ashley I., Jade and Tanner, Katie and Heather the never been kissed girl from Colton’s season, lovely Annaliese, Josh Murray (not pleased), Angela, Chelsea, and many more I am sure.

Couples Drinks: Her drink was a tequila, lime grapefruit and sparkling rose.

Goose’s was Greygoose (naturally), lime and mint.

#PoppinChristal was their hashtag. Ethereal Gardens Instagram has more photos.

Bonus fun fact. Want to know where Chris got his nickname “Goose”? It’s not from a Top Gun episode, but that would be a cool cover story. It’s from an interaction with a producer who asked, “Well, you’re just a silly goose aren’t you?” and he said, “You know what, you’re right, I am a silly goose.” And then it stuck. He’s hoping it will fizzle out.



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The Bachelorette Hannah Beast’s Season Update

TOMORROW Monday, May 6th, 8-10pm ABC is airing a 2-hour Bachelorette reunion episode with all 15 bachelorettes from the seasons invited back to the mansion in preparation for Hannah Beast’s season. Chris Harrison will also be hitting the road in a double-decker bus with Bachelor super fans and revisiting date spots from seasons past. So there is that. Grab your wine bottles and settle in. We’re getting ready for a whole new season of The Bachelorette with this bonus episode.