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Roll Tide Count: 5. Hannah’s outfits were on point. Always Be Cam Crashed a Group Date. And Tyler G. is Jared and Tanner’s love child.

The guys guys were not great at Roller Derby. Also not so hot with the pageants. Jed kept his cowboy boots on. Always Be Cam crashed the party in hopes of being bold. And Peter the pilot got some air time.

Who Got Kicked Off: Connor J., Daron and Matthew went home this week.

Hannah crushed the outfit game. For the rose ceremony she wore a floor length red gown with cutouts all the way up the side and the men were wowed.

First One-on-One: Tyler G. got the one-on-one date. Tyler G. and Hannah started the first one-on-one date in a helicopter ride. They rode quads in the mud. Hannah wore all white right down to her white Converse kicks. And they had dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel. Hannah wore a gold gown with a black leather jacket and she looked fire.

Two Group Dates: The group dates were a roller derby date as announced by Fred and Chris Harrison in true group date fashion and a pageant with panelists Miss Jay and two drag queens where the men stripped down to their speedos and did some sort of talent portion before being crowned Mr. Right. Cam crashed one of the group dates.

Luke P. told Hannah on pageant stage he was falling in love with her kissed her and after the rose ceremony stole some extra one-on-one time.

Quote of the Night: Joey at Roller Derby “Daron scores like I don’t know 18,000 points in the last round.” RIP Daron.

The Greatest Thing All Night: Jared Haibon and Tanner from seasons past pointed out that Tyler G. is clearly their love child. Clearly.