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This is a full recap from last week. Quick recap for this week coming up!

The guys guys were not great at Roller Derby. Also not so hot with the pageants. Jed kept his cowboy boots on. Always Be Cam crashed the party in hopes of being bold. And Peter the pilot got some air time.

Who Got Kicked Off: Connor J., Daron and Matthew went home this week.

First Group Date: Mr. Right Pageant

The men were told to don Speedos for the swimwear portion of the Mr. Right Pageant. They then had to come up with a talent. Luke P. told her he was genuinely falling in love with her. That’s a first. Week 1 of dates and she’s already getting an “I love you.” I’d be wary of that one, Hannah. But more on Luke P. later. He was crowned Mr. Right by Miss Jay and her drag queens.

Rose on the Group Date went to Jed.

One-on-One Date: Tyler G. aka Jared Haibon and Tanner’s love child got the first one-on-one date and the first helicopter ride. Hannah took Tyler G. in a helicopter to their first date, mud dogging – riding quads to see who can get the most mud on them. Hannah wore all white from her nail polish down to her kicks. Afterwards, they snuggled on a couch in the middle of a field. They had dinner at the top of the Roosevelt Hotel.

Tyler G. got the rose.

Group Date #2: Roller Derby

The men were split into teams of two and Fred Willard came back to narrate. It was heaven. The men were not good.

Quote of the Night: Goes to Joey – “And Daron scored like I don’t know 18,000 points in the last round.”

Rose on the Group Date went to Dustin.

Talks with Cam

Cam crashed the Roller Derby date at the after party where everyone is pleasantly sipping cocktails and regaling their attempted efforts to Roller Derby. Cam came with flowers and an attempt to make a “bold move”. At the rose ceremony toast after all the guys were chosen, he offered to toast to Hannah [insert his last name]. Hannah was like I don’t know what that means and the guys booed him. His bold moves are not going over so well. Poor kiddo.

Each of the guys at the group date came up to Cam one-by-one to confront him and let him know that wasn’t cool. The first of which and best one was by Magic Mike contractor man (Tyler C.), who tapped Cam on the shoulder and asked Cam where Hannah was and then added, “Oh and by the way, not cool.”

Cocktail Party

FIRST, let’s talk about this red dress. Hannah B. is all about that split.

Tyler C. getting cozy with Hannah B.

Luke P. lost his shirt at the cocktail party during a hot and steamy make out session with Hannah after massages. Jed walked in on them.

Jed handled it like a pro. Hannah B. walked over to Jed shamefully and apologized. Jed lightened the mood and told her, “I don’t know if you know this or not but there are a lot of guys after you.” Hannah responded with a hug.

Rose Ceremony

After the rose ceremony was over, Luke P. called out good-night and sneakily slipped into the room Hannah Beast was in for her interview with the producers. Hannah got flustered and didn’t know what to do and where to go to talk. Luke P. offered his lap. Hannah B. confessed her concerns that it was happening so soon for him to be falling in love.

Stylin’ Stylin’ Stylin’ Bonus

Stylists Cary Fetman and Krystine Couch have all the outfit downloads on their Instagrams.

Hannah Beast’s outfits were on point each date. StarStyle has the majority of Hannah B.’s outfits, including this insanely cool red number from tonight and her sky-high slit sparkle dress on night one, and where to buy them.

Fun Facts: I guess Randi Rahm has styled many of the Bachelorett’s first nights at the mansion.