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Stay in Your Lane. And Watch a Recap. CHris Harrison is Back in Action. Back to the To Be Continued Cocktail Hour.

The crew traveled to Riga, Latvia. Hannah Beast had a wine-fueled melt-down. Knock it back, sister. Then there was a recap of the previous 5 episodes. Why, you ask? For no known reason.

Who got kicked off: Grant, Devin, and Kevin went home at the rose ceremony.

Stay in Your Lane

At the cocktail party Hannah B. told the men she had prayed and a scripture stuck out to her, “Focus on the unseen, not the seen.” Ahem, Luke P. Yet, once again, Hannah B. got pulled into the drama with the men when Garrett went to the group and told them that Luke P. dropped Devin, Dylan and Mike’s name during Luke’s talk with Hannah on their one-on-one date, and Luke P. had told the guys that he would not talk about the guys. It set off a whole chain of events. All the guys started arguing with Luke P. Hannah DOWNED a glass of wine and entered into the living room area of the cocktail party. Then she told all the guys to focus on her and not on each other. She gave Luke P. a look and a shut-it gesture, and proceeded to tell the men that she can handle herself and make her own decisions, and to “stay in their freakin’ lane.” She also told the guys that they knew nothing about her. Hannah B. told the men that “It’s not just Luke P. It’s all y’all that are driving her insane.” Kinda surprised by that because it seems to me it’s just Luke P. and she started to have a fantastic time when he wasn’t on a date. I don’t know about the guys, but I would take offense to that. Then she exited and cried on Chris Harrison’s shoulder.

Hannah B. needs to remember her great date in Scotland that did NOT involve Luke P. and that that might have been her happiest moment. The dude needs to go. Hannah B. also should focus on her relationships and not on the drama with the guys because it’s making her sad. Focus on the unseen!

Now We Talk. The Rose Ceremony that Wasn’t.

Hannah B. begrudgingly handed out roses to the men and as soon as the three she sent home went good-bye, she said, “Now we talk.” And she gave the boys a furious what-for, before turning on her heels out the door.

More sky high slits

Hannah B. was rocking the dress.

Chris Harrison came on after Hannah’s tears and said this was the most difficult moment of her life. But how would we know, Chris Harrison, if she’s not opening up about the most difficult moments. How would we know?

Sit Down Time With Hannah B. and Chris Harrison

Hannah B. sat down with Chris Harrison at a restaurant to go over if she did or did not want to continue with the show. Chris Harrison asked the tough questions and Hannah B. answered as best she could, all defeated.

The Recap of 5 episodes that We Didn’t Ask For (No offense Chris Harrison)

We got a recap of all five previous episodes. A little walk down memory lane complete with Scott, Cam, and the Luke P. drama. It ended with Hannah B. ready to dive back in to the heartache even though she’s not sure this can work for her. Hannah Beast ain’t no quitter. Hannah B. is continuing on with the show and we got a preview.

The Preview of the Season that We Didn’t Ask For But Asked For

We saw Hannah B. wearing her red leather jacket on a date with Mike, but her wearing it arguing with Luke P. about who she can or cannot sleep with, and flipping off a van with an assumed Luke P. exit. We’re also shown Chris Harrison coming to Hannah B. and letting her know a guy is back with a ring, convinced she’s his future husband and ready to propose. Dustin, Dylan and Connor were nowhere to be found in the previews. Jed, Luke P., Tyler C., Garrett and Luke P. were shown a lot of. Garret takes a naked bungee jump with Hannah and sends Luke P. into a pure, no sex-before-marriage rampage and Hannah B. is ready to get down if you know what I mean.


Marcus is the name Hannah gave to her pimple. It’s also the name she accidentally called Scott after she sent him home for having a girlfriend. Marcus is the name Hannah B. came up with to describe the annoying guy that keeps butting in and tries to steal you all the time. You don’t want to be a Marcus.

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Bachelor in Paradise Cast: Caelynn, Wills, Sydney, Annaliese, Chris, Onyeka, Nicole, Derek, Hannah G., Bibiana, Blake, Cam, Clay, Demi, Jane (who no one knows), John Paul Jones, Katie, Kevin, Tayshia

Bachelor in Paradise premieres August 5th.