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This is Bologna. A 5’8″ Villain. And Just Like That We’re On to Hometowns. And the campaign for Mike to be the next Bachelor begins now.

The crew went to Gouda, Switzerland. Hannah is going to the hometowns of Peter the Pilot, Tyler C., Jed and Luke P.

Who got kicked off: We said Gouda Bye to Connor, Mike and Garrett.

Jed got the first one-on-one date and Hannah dropped an L-bomb. Tyler C. got the next one-on-one date and went horseback riding. Mike got the third one-on-one date, but was sent home at dinner with Hannah saying she was not his fourth queen. Also, maybe Hannah just has a thing for the neighborly state of Georgia to her Alabama. For whatever the reason, Hannah is keeping Luke P. around. Peter the Pilot swooped in to save Hannah from a night of emotional turmoil from who else but Luke P. and as such got a rose, a hometown and a bromance run-jump hug from Tyler C. Cuteness.

Best Quote of the Night: Best quote of the night goes to Tyler C. when he said that every show gets a villain but they got stuck with a 5’8″ villain.

Luke P. put bologna in Garrett’s lap. Garrett wore the bologna as goggles.

The previews show Hannah B. FINALLY unleashing the best on Luke P., but I think we might have to wait another week if we’re seeing what we’re seeing in the previews.

NEXT WEEK IS HOMETOWNS!!!! The best week is hometown week. Let’s meet those families.