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Make that a Double. Hannah Beast and Pilot Pete in the Windmill 4 Times! Barbara is the real hero. Miss I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. I’m a Single Lady, Want to Go for a drink?

Congrats to Alabama Hannah finding fierce and true love with herself and who she has become. Hannah pushed past all those insecurities to grow so much more as a strong, fierce, independent lady. No need for a man on her arm. Hannah chose Jed and let him go. And asked Tyler C. out for a drink.

Congrats to the Strong, Independent Lady Hannah Beast. She’s not the hero we asked for, but the hero we deserve. Get After Your Fine Self, Hannah Beast!

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Hannah B. told Jed “That wasn’t what I said yes to,” as she removed her ring after the engagement.

The rumors were true.

Jed had a girlfriend. He also had some ladies over in Nashville with a group and was not acting like a betrothed man. Jed also told his friends that “he won.” PEOPLE Magazine wrote about the troubles after Hannah B.’s engagement to Jed and were the ones to publish the story of Jed’s girlfriend’s account of the situation.

Hannah B. said things started to be bad the day after they got engaged, because that is when Jed told her that there might be some rumors but that he would explain and not to worry.

The Rose Ceremonies

Safe Travels Peter the Pilot

Hannah B. first said good-bye to Peter the Pilot (who flies for Delta btdubs, so book those tickets now! And look at how cutely supportive Delta was of him on Twitter.) at the rose ceremony, which left Tyler C. and Jed to meet the parents. Peter the Pilot was heartbroken and looking good at the After the Final Rose when he had to see Hannah Beast for the first time since the break up. Hannah Beast was acting like a single lady when she let the audience know that they didn’t just do it twice in the windmill. Ohhh, au contraire, mon frère. Peter and Hannah B. did it 4 times! 4 TIMES IN THE WINDMILL. So Hannah gave him big props.

Barbara is the real star of the show. Barbara is Peter the Pilot’s mom and his mom, dad and brother were in the audience upon Hannah Beast’s announcement. Barbara clapped ever so proudly to her son’s surprising libido.

Meeting the Parents

Hannah’s parents met both Jed and Tyler C. They loved Tyler C. and Tyler C. hit it out of the park. Jed not so much. Hannah B.’s dad, a self-made man, asked how Jed was going to care for Hannah and that was important to him as a dad. Jed said that he was a musician and had a dog food jingle for a commercial lined up. Soooo…..like what more do you want me to say, dude. Hannah B.’s dad was not impressed.

Props to Hannah B. for telling her Dad that she has passions too and hopes to be able to provide for her family as well. Kudos! But also, like a dog food commercial. C’mon Jed. Like good for you, but at the same time, that’s not what they want to hear that their future son is doing a jingle for a Pedigree commercial. One.

Hannah confided in Jed and apparently has been confiding in him this whole season about the other guys, so had a false sense of security with him. And told him she was nervous about what she was going to do.

At the Final Rose Ceremony Between Tyler C. and Jed

Hannah B. panicked in the car on the way to the final rose ceremony. She got out for a walk and tripped and fell. She just sat there until a producer came by and asked if she was OK. She of course said, “No” and that she didn’t know what she was going to do.

Hannah B. let Tyler C. go after he told her how much she had pushed him to become a better man and open up. She was tearful about their good-bye and told him she loved someone else.

Jed rolled up with his guitar to get one last PR push in before he was off the show. Save it for the dog food commercials Jed. He wrote a song about their love story or puppy chow or something, and Hannah told him she loved him. Then she gave him her final rose.

At the Meetup House

There is a meetup house where the Bachelor/ette people secretly rendezvous until the finale airs because filming of the show is months before the air date, and they gotta work that relationship right? Well, Hannah B. received a copy of the PEOPLE Magazine article highlighting Jed Wyatt’s girlfriend he left back home when he went on The Bachelorette, and how he had told said girlfriend he loved her and was coming back for her. Brutal. Hannah circled items and sent it to Jed to ask if they were all true. At the meetup, Hannah had to practically pry it out of him, but he admitted that it was true. He had told that girl on multiple occasions that he loved her, had been with her the night before he came on the show and had taken trips with her. “But she wasn’t my girlfriend,” Jed told Hannah. He asked her what he could do to win her back. She told him that that was not what she wanted to base a love or a marriage off of – dishonesty and half-truths. She removed her ring and set it on the table and told him, “That is not what I said yes to.” She went back home and broke up with him on the phone. We didn’t see that part, but they talked about it at After the Final Rose when Jed came face-to-face with Hannah again. He kind of made an attempt at an apology or a reasoning for his decisions, but I got confused. I don’t know if he really said anything outside of admitting that it was true and asked what he could do. You can go back in time, Jed and not have a girlfriend on a dating show.

After the Final Rose

Chris Harrison ever the love matchmaker prodded some answers out of Hannah B. about her love feelings for the men. She told him it was over with Jed. She told him she found out that, “I am hella strong and don’t need a man.” Proudayou, girl. BUT she got smiley when talking about Tyler C. and said that “those feelings I had didn’t just go away.” Chris Harrison perked up and did what he does best to facilitate a match. After they cleared that up, they brought out Tyler C. who was looking fine as ever and smiling and complimenting Hannah B. still about her strength as a woman. Swoon. Chris Harrison pulled out some thoughts from Hannah B. and Hannah asked Tyler C. out for a drink. Just a drink. Tyler C. ever so suavely said, tell me when and I’ll be there.

Tyler C. and Hannah B. as an Item?

Tyler C. and Hannah B. both posted to their Instagrams wrapping up their season and their experience on the show with gratitude for each other, the overall experience and what they learned about themselves along the way. They’re just getting a drink. And we are not invited.



Tweets of the Night

Support for Peter the Pilot coming from his home airline of Delta. Meanwhile, Delta is booked for the remainder of the year.

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“Catch Me If You Can” ✈️

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Meanwhile in Bachelor Nation, Jade and Tanner Have a New Baby Boy!

Meanwhile, Jade and Tanner welcomed their second baby into the world, in their coat closet at home for a record birth time of 75 minutes. Mom and baby are doing well.

Bachelor in Paradise airs next week, August 5th from 8-10pm 8|7c. Starting the following week on Monday, Aug. 12, the show will air on both Mondays (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT) and Tuesdays (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT)