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It’s almost that time Bachelor fans! I don’t know about you but my Monday nights have been feeling like something is missing. I cannot wait to fill them back up with flames from the past, tears, and wine! ABC has been spreading little breadcrumbs of the upcoming season with Delta Pilot Peter Weber to reel us in, starting January 6th, 8|7c on ABC. You have done it again, ABC. Here for it.

Hannah B. has won the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing with the Stars! And now she is back for a shot at Peter Weber’s heart.

The Bachelor Peter Weber

Peter Weber aka Pilot Pete is this season’s Bachelor and he was one of the last three men on Hannah’s season (Fantasy Suite Dates Recap: Hannah B.’s Season). She let him go right after they did it 4 times in a windmill.

Peter Weber’s Promo Ads Hint at Tears

Expect Turbulence. ABC is working on those pilot puns and also punning on: He’s not just your “run of the mill” bachelor. Get it? Because they did it in a windmill? 4 times. I am here for the puns.

The Trailer for Peter’s Season is Ripe with Innuendos

The producers of ABC did not hold back this season. They went straight for the double entendres. They saw an opportunity and they laid into it. (Get it? Pun not intended until I wrote it out and then pun VERY MUCH intended.) Pilot Pete’s promo trailer shows a rose petal, a plane, oh..and what’s that? A windmill. As you’ll remember Pilot Pete and Hannah did it in a windmill in Amsterdam 4 times as ABC will 1,000 percent remind us this season. Hannah divulged this information to a crowd that included Pilot Pete’s parents at the After the Final Rose showing. Hannah wanted to set the record straight from her previous divulgence that they did it twice. Hannah informed us of this after Luke P. pissed her the eff off and delivered the best power lines of Bachelor franchise history and said, “Jesus still loves me.” And “And guess what, we did it a second time.” Oh, it was just the best.

Hannah B. is back for a shot at love.

Now, Hannah is back! Hannah steps out of the limo and Peter asks her to stay on this journey in the Bachelor mansion and compete with the ladies. Gasp! I. Need. To. Know.


Hannah B. maintains that she was on Dancing with the Stars the whole time this season when she was peppered with questions on if she stayed on The Bachelor to win Peter’s heart. I have sneaky suspicions she relived a heartbreak because a couple dances on Dancing with the Stars was supes emotional for her.

PS If you didn’t watch Dancing with the Stars all season, I hear you, but go back to the Youtube and just watch Hannah’s 2-minute dances because she is living her best life. She did win the mirror ball trophy.

The Bachelor Pilot Pete. No Spoilers! But a quick peek at the upcoming season.

Peter bumped his head golfing and having cocktails. This is news from back in October where the Bachelor world thought he had had some serious stitches. He did have stitches, but the injury was not as severe as we thought.

The Bachelor starts Monday, January 6th 8|7c on ABC!