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Peter Weber is The Bachelor for Season 24 and it’s about to take off.

His Stats

Age: August 4, 1991 (28 years)

Hometown: Westlake Village, California near The Bachelor mansion

Alma Mater: Baylor University

Family: His adorable parents are Barbara, who was a flight attendant and a pageant queen (Miss Illinois), and his dad Peter who he is named after and also a pilot. And, ladies, yes, Peter has a younger brother. Don’t get too excited though because he seems to be taken. You can find him on Instagram @JettinJack because, yup, you guessed it. He’s also a pilot. (And a UCLA Bruin! Shoutout!) Runs in the fam.

Profession: Pilot for Delta Airlines

How you know him: He was on Hannah B. (Hannah Brown, Hannah Beast, Alabama Hannah)’s season of The Bachelorette.

What is up with all of this windmill talk? Peter and Hannah had a Fantasy Suite Date in a windmill where they romped 4 times. He was the 3rd man standing on Hannah’s season.

Social Media: Instagram: @pilot_pete

The best, though, is Peter’s love for Tyler Cameron (who was second on Hannah’s season and is now living that modeling life.) and vice versa. Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron have the best relationship.

The Bachelor with Peter Weber starts TONIGHT January 6th at 8|7c for a 3-hour premiere!! And Hannah B. is BACK! You don’t want to miss this. So grab your popcorn, brackets and pop the corks to those wine bottles, because it is almost Bachelor time!!!