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A fashion Show. A #ChampagneGate. And No Emotional Support Cow to Behold. Where is Ashley P. When You Need Her?

Peter is not taking Hannah B. into the next chapter (at least not yet, but ABC makes us wonder if she comes back). Victoria F. showed her wild side on the runway after calling herself “the one who whispers.” Kelsey and Hannah Anne are feuding because of a misappropriated bottle of champagne. Sydney got the rose on a group date that didn’t happen because of Peter and Hannah’s past. Lexi, my redheaded gal, pulled out all the stops. And Peter gave Madison a picture from the renewal of vows ceremony of him, her and his entire family.

Who got kicked off: The red x’s are the ones who were sent home tonight. The black x’s are those let go the first night. Lauren, Payton and Courtney were on the next flight home.

the bachelor peter weber week 2

Full recap to follow.