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A fashion Show. A #ChampagneGate. And No Emotional Support Cow to Behold. Where is Ashley P. When You Need Her? AND Bonus! The RUmor WindMill Is a Turning.

Peter is not taking Hannah B. into the next chapter (at least not yet, but ABC, namely Peter’s mom in the previews, makes us wonder if she comes back). Victoria F. showed her wild side on the runway after calling herself “the girl who whispers.” Kelsey and Hannah Anne are feuding because of a misappropriated bottle of champagne. Sydney got the rose on a group date that didn’t happen because of Peter and Hannah’s past. Lexi, my redheaded gal, pulled out all the stops. And Peter gave Madison a picture from the renewal of vows ceremony of him, her and his entire family.

Hannah B. and Peter: Hannah B. asked for a hug and climbed into Peter’s lap. They sat for a hot second looking like they were going to kiss. And then Peter abruptly said he couldn’t do it and jumped up. He canceled the first part of the group date and told his ladies he’d meet up with them at the after party.

Who got kicked off: The one with the black X’s were sent home week one. The ones with red X’s were sent home this week. Courtney, Lauren and Boston Payton went home this week.

the bachelor peter weber week 2


The After Party: At the after party, a lot of the ladies let Peter know they were not pleased with his decision to cancel the date. Natasha was like “I am not competing with his ex.” Peter assured her he was here for them. Mykenna had a make-out session with Peter. Sydney got the rose on the group date.

Cocktail Hour and Rose Ceremony

At the cocktail hour, Peter gave Madison a framed photo of her with him and his family from their first date at his parents’ vow renewal ceremony. Peter also gave a red Hot Wheels car to Lexi, who had showed up in a red classic car the first night. Peter did not remember this. There’s no way. He seemed genuinely confused when Lexi gently reminded him that she pulled up in a red classic car and they drove around in it. I really don’t think homeboy remembered. He feigned an attempt at remembering and pulled out a Hot Wheels car.

The Champagne Debacle #ChampagneGate

Kelsey brought a champagne bottle from Des Moines, Iowa that she had been saving for a year (A YEAR), and she planned to pop that bubbly with Peter. She set up a cute little area by the fire and went to chat with the ladies and wait for Peter. POP. Hannah Anne, likely set up by producers, popped the bubbly with Peter. Oopsie does it. Kelsey fumed and cried and told Peter and Hannah Anne it was a special bottle and that Hannah Anne knew what she was doing. It was awkward.

After she calmed down, Peter suggested he and Kelsey open the other bottle of champagne that was mysteriously sitting in another hidden part of the mansion outside, likely the one meant for Hannah Anne. Kelsey obliged.

Peter asked if they should drink it straight out the bottle or glasses, Kelsey opted for bottle, saying she wasn’t always classy and then, AND THEN, champagne erupted all over her face. Oh, baby girl. This is not your night. Let’s start again tomorrow.

So that’s Champagne Gate.

Let’s all keep our champagne close and our frenemies closer. And for heaven’s sake, don’t shake your champagne bottle.

Fun Fact: Kelsey is a clothier, which is a person who makes, sells or deals in clothing or cloth. So that’s new.

Group Date REVOLVE Fashion Show: The ladies put on a runway show with the Revolve brand. The judges were one of the OG Queer Eye cast members Carson Kressley, legendary supermodel Janice Dickinson, and the Chief Brand Officer of Revolve Clothing Raissa Gerona. The lucky lady who won the competition got to take home $20,000 worth of Revolve clothing. The ladies walked the catwalk in their styled outfit of choice, blowing kisses to Peter and pulling out all of the stops. Prior to the show, Victoria F. had a meltdown, worried about the fashion show. Kelsey came in to cheer her up. And through this we got the best line.

Best Quote of the Night: Victoria F. expressed her worry that Peter doesn’t know her and referred to herself as “the girl who whispers.” It was great.

Victoria F. then proceeded to make out with Peter in her lingerie on the catwalk. So score one for the one who whispers. Victoria F. and Hannah Anne were the finalists and had a catwalk-off! Hannah Anne flipped her sequins at Victoria F. and Victoria F. cowered. Hannah Anne won the competition scoring $20,000 worth of merch.

Best Quote of the Night: “Boyfriends are temporary. Cashmere is forever.” OG Queer Eye cast member Carson Kressley. Speak, Carson. Preach.

Another Best Quote of the Night: “She looks like a really sexy Amish person.” – Carson.

At the Afterparty: The crew went to the Rolling Green Nursery for cocktails. Victoria F. broke down to Peter that she was feeling not confident even though he was so impressed with her catwalk. Victoria F. said she liked him but she didn’t know if it was worth her mental health. It felt like she was about to leave. Hannah Anne told Peter she felt bullied by Kelsey. Peter told Hannah Anne he really liked her. Peter pulled Kelsey aside and shit went down.

Victoria F. got the rose on the group date.

Bonus! The Rumor (wind)Mill: There are some rumors afoot that Victoria F. has some not so great dating history allegedly. The tea on Victoria F. by Cosmopolitan.

Next week (also known as tonight!), Demi the queen is coming back! And she is waking up the house with a megaphone and a pillow fight. Get it, Demi! Demi also gets to meet her doppelganger Victoria P.! Demi is and was Hannah B.’s best buddy, so I wonder if she talks with Peter behind the scenes about her bestie. We shall see Monday at 8|7c!

Hannah Brown’s Bday: Hannah Brown’s bday has been historically bad. On her first appearance in Colton’s Season of The Bachelor, she got a one-on-one date and could not make a toast. On this year’s bday, she hosted a group date for her ex-boyfriend. And subsequently got dumped again. Ouch. Pour one out for this kid.

Photo Credit: Instagram @thebachelorbruhhh


Bonus! Peter with Jimmy Kimmel and Bachelor Brackets

Don’t send spoilers! I don’t read spoilers, but based off of this episode the ladies that are getting the most air time are Madison, Hannah Anne and Kelley. I think he picks Madison. Jimmy Kimmel agrees on the top three, but he has a different pick for number one. I just adore Tiffany Haddish. TELL ME HOW YOUR BACHELOR BRACKETS ARE GOING! I need to know. If you haven’t printed one, yet Life and Style Magazine has one that’s pretty good.

A Fun Fact: Pilot Pete was in a commercial back in the day!

Tweets of the Night: Oh, these tweeters. Keepin’ it lively.