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A Red Pick-Up Truck, Cowboy Hat and Line Dancing. What a “Finasco.” It’s “Linger-y.” Not a Great Night for Grammar. A Pillow Fight Hosted by Demi. A Pool Party in Lieu of A Cocktail Party. And Jumpsuits are All the Rage This Season.

Who got kicked off: Alayah, Alexa, Jasmine, and Sarah C. who spoke but not one word, were sent home this week.

the bachelor peter the pilot week 3 ladies who got kicked off


One-on-One Date: Victoria P. went on the cutest line dancing date with Peter. He picked her up in a red Chevy truck. He took her through his hood. He drove by his favorite wine bar. First, they stopped at a country store and picked up some boots, a hat and a jacket. And then they went to his favorite spot to go line dancing. Victoria P. opened up about her childhood and growing up with taking care of her sister because her mom fell into addiction after her dad passed away. Oof. The Bachelor Nation is rallied around Victoria P. Peter and Victoria P. had a great time. She line danced away with a rose.

the bachelor peter and victoria p line dancing date

Photo Credit: ABC via EOnline

Demi the Queen is Back! And Bringing the Pillow Fighting Fun!

peter and demi at the bar the bachelor group date

Demi and Peter at the bar before or after the group date pillow fight. Remember: Demi is BF’s with Hannah B. too!

Demi and her henchwomen in knee-high socks and fishnet stockings and high ponytails strolled into the mansion in the early morning with pillows and a megaphone in tow. Demi shouted through the megaphone as her henchwomen pounded the ladies who were asleep in their bunkbeds with feather-filled pillows. It was fabulous. The ladies had a rude awakening. This rude awakening was an intro into what was to come. Demi and henchwomen graced the ladies with “linger-y”…ahem…lingerie…and a mumu. Poor Kiarra was the one who massacred the English language. And poor Savannah was the mumu recipient. The lingerie would be their uniforms for the pillow fight.


Group Date: Pillow Fight aka GLOW

It was basically an episode of GLOW. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. If you haven’t watched it on Netflix yet. Do it.) and Tammy was HERE FOR IT. She did wrestling back in high school and she was ready to pillow fight.

First up, in the ring were Tammy the Wrestler vs Kelley the Prosecutie. Kelley was like oh great, being in lingery…I mean lingerie on TV when she’s an attorney was not ideal.

It was hosted by none other than Demi, Fred Willard and Chris Harrison. The Fearsome Threesome. I love Fred Willard. I just want to pick him up and put him in my little pocket. “Pillow fight means pillow smack it in the face it,” as defined by our favorite Fred Willard. Love him.

Alayah the Royal Pain and Sydvicious battled it out for the crown. Alayah was crowned pillow fight champion aka Queen of the Bedroom. Awkward.

Silent Sarah had a rough go of it. Sarah does not deserve this. She got a smackdown at the pillow fight and like zero screen time. Tammy’s reaction was incredible.

At the Afterparty

Kelley and Peter had a little talk and Kelley confirmed that she wouldn’t be in the process if she wasn’t feeling it. He really likes her. She told him she was more of a scruff kind of girl vs a beard kind of girl.

Tammy told Peter, “He just thinks I’m a bro.” Peter kissed her and told her he doesn’t do that to his bros. It was cute.

Sydney called out Alayah as fake and it took Peter’s mental brain back to his season with Luke P. and that shook him. Peter’s biggest fear is being blindsided.

Sydney got a rose on the group date.

Pageant Talk: Alayah and Victoria P. Competed at Miss USA 2019

Peter has a thing for pageant women and so does ABC. Fun Fact: Also, let’s not forget that Barbara, a gem of a human and also known as Peter’s mom, was Miss Illinois. First, Hannah B. and Caelynn had some beef on Colton’s season of The Bachelor and now Alayah and Victoria P. are coming out of the woodwork. Ok, here’s the rundown. Victoria P. and Alayah know each other from the Miss USA 2019 pageant competition according to Life & Style Magazine. Alayah was competing as Miss Texas and Victoria P. was competing as Miss Louisiana.

Additional Fun Facts: Back in the day, Alayah was crowned Miss USA in 2016. Skip to present day and Sydney asked Alayah if she works and Alayah said she had three jobs. Elite Daily for the win, did some sleuthing and found out she is 1. an Orthodontist Assistant in San Antonio Texas. 2. does Three Bees Boutique which funds literacy. And 3. trains women for pageants. Well, alrighty, then.

Pool Party VS Peter’s Pool Party!

Peter’s Pool Party is less than a fun time. I thought pool parties were supposed to be fun, but this feels like an inquisition.

Like DEAR Lord, put up a volleyball net, play some chicken, throw some Marco Polo in there. Get in the water!

Peter proceeded to interview all of the ladies to discover if Alayah was fake or not. He did not want a repeat of Luke P., which is completely fair and understandable. None of us want that FINASCO again. OR conspiracy theory numero dos, he is still hopelessly in love with Hannah B. and fearful this won’t work for him. Never fear, Madison to the rescue!

Madison and Peter had an adorable, light-filled talk by the pool. And confirmed to Peter why he was here being the Bachelor.

Despite Alayah thinking she was cool in the house, all of the ladies corroborated that Alayah puts it on a bit for the cameras. Lexi said Alayah’s voice goes up an octave when the cameras turn on (see fun subtitle dub below by our favorite caption people). The final straw was that Victoria P. told Peter that Alayah asked Victoria P. to lie and say that they didn’t know each other from Miss USA and Victoria P. said that Alayah was open to all the opportunities that would come from this like the next Bachelorette and that maybe she wasn’t the one for him.

Peter left the pool party and Mykenna lectured everyone on how precious time was on this show. Thank you, Mykenna. Get that girl a tissue.

Rose Ceremony

Peter sent Alayah home at the rose ceremony after pausing mid-rose ceremony and having Chris Harrison remove a rose, which was completely unnecessary three weeks into the season. After all was said and done,  Peter the Pilot told a producer behind-the-scenes that he thought he would feel good about his decision to send Alayah home but he didn’t and doesn’t know if he made a mistake. He really is just sprinkling in his own drama for flavor. I don’t blame him, that pool party blew.

Next week on The Bachelor! We find out Victoria F. dated Chase Rice, country singer, who is conveniently singing for her and Peter on their one-on-one date next week!! What pure GOLD. We also found out last week on the Rumor Windmill that Victoria F. has some interesting dating history (allegedly some not so great stuff). And Alayah has returned!


Also Alayah:

Let’s also not forget that Demi is friends with Hannah B. AND Peter the Pilot. Just saying.

Tweets of the Night: So many good ones. I think you should also take a look at the search for “Sarah C.” on Twitter because it’s really just all for her redemption, and it’s fabulous. Can’t wait to hear her speak for the first time at Women Tell All. Fingers crossed.