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No Rose Ceremony. Alayah is Back. Victoria F. Dated Chase Rice, the country singer! The Ladies are Less Than Pleased After That Football Game and Peter is All Up In His Head.

The ladies and Peter traveled to Cleveland, Ohio. Victoria F. and Peter went on a one-on-one date to Cedar Point and rode all of the roller coasters. They snacked at a diner and talked about how many children they wanted. Victoria F. wants 4 children. Peter wants an even number so no one would have to ride the roller coasters alone. It was the cutest. They also had a concert with country singer, Chase Rice. Peter knew Victoria F. loved country, but he didn’t know Victoria F. loved a country singer. She knew the all of the words to all of the songs. Victoria F. dated Chase Rice before she came on The Bachelor and Chase Rice did not know this would be the date that he was singing at. He was not pleased. Peter’s reaction was the greatest when he found out. Chase Rice? Like the singer? Victoria F. got the rose on the date.

Kelsey got the other one-on-one date and it was chill. They soap box raced kids and had no mercy. They had dinner and she revealed her dad left her and her mom at a young age. Kelsey got the rose on the date.

The group date was a football game. Shiann scored all of the points and was MVP. Natasha had the best line and told her and the team, “Shiann, you scored all of our points. You should talk to him first and I will block for you.” The teams tied the game and all went to the group date after party. Alayah came back in. Alayah who wasn’t even on the date got the rose on the group date. And the ladies were like she doesn’t even go here.

Who got kicked off: More like you got put back on the show. Alayah was given a rose on a group date that she wasn’t even technically on. She came back and Peter took her back and the ladies had some words. Rose ceremony will be next week.

the bachelor peter the pilot week 4

Full recap to follow.