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Peter Loves His Country Artists and All the Crazy. Hunter Hayes Made an Appearance. As did Peter’s Ex to Warn Peter About Victoria F.

Hometowns were this week! Kelsey, the last blonde and eldest of the crew, was sent home. Madison took Peter bballing. Hannah Anne took him axe throwing and Kelsey took him wine-making. Not a bad couple of hometown dates.

Who got kicked off: Kelsey was sent home on hometowns. The final elder millennial was sent home tonight.

Peter the Pilot Hometowns

Hannah Anne, Knoxville, TN

Hannah Anne took Peter axe throwing. He met her family and it was lovely. Hannah Anne’s parents look so young. Hannah Anne’s dad grilled Peter about his love for his daughter and if Peter intended to pick her. Peter deflected. Hannah Anne told him she loved him at the car on Peter’s way out. Peter told Hannah Anne he was falling for her.

Madison, Auburn, AL

Madison took Peter to her high school where they played basketball. A message from Charles Barkley greeted them. Peter was like who in the world is Charles Barkley. Peter does not watch sports. Peter is not very athletic. I think he just looks athletic and then is sneaky not coordinated. Madison, on the other hand, looked like a baller. They cuddled in the bleachers, before she took him home to meet the fam. The fam was lovely as ever. They had a special plate, where whoever got the special plate had to say something they admired about the person. Madison had the special plate. It was a cute family tradition. Madison’s mom asked her if she had told Peter all of the promises she had had for her life. Madison hadn’t talked to Peter that she was saving herself for marriage.

Kelsey, Des Moines, IA

Kelsey had a lovely hometown, making wine with Peter. They crushed grapes and concocted their own special wine. Peter met the family where every sister and the mom looked the same. It was delightful. Kelsey told Peter she loved him. He seemed to like her too, just not as much as the other ladies.

Victoria F., Virginia Beach, VA

Victoria F. had an adorable black lab and played with the pup and Peter on the beach. They took old timey photos at a photo booth. Victoria F. then surprised Peter with yet another country concert – this time with the precious, adorable Hunter Hayes. Hunter Hayes is so cute. He played his famous “I Want Crazy” song and it was so apropos.

A mystery women who’s face was blurred (but not for long, because whistle-blower Peter told Victoria F. the name of the woman immediately). Turns out mystery lady was Peter’s ex Merissa Pence (who looks a little like Hannah B., not gonna lie). She told Peter Victoria F. wasn’t a great gal and had broken up relationships. Peter looked concerned as he should be.

Peter addressed it with Victoria F. on the doorstep of her house before meeting the family. Victoria F. flipped a switch. She did not deny the accusations, nor talk about them. She got mad at Peter and turned it around on him and they started arguing and she ran off into the darkness. It was a dumpster fire. Every time they have a date it’s a dumpster fire.

Peter asked Victoria F. if she fought for anything in her life. He told her he hoped she would let someone love her one day. Peter did not meet her family, which later ABC showed a blooper of the fam sitting around on the couch and they looked pretty funny and chill. I especially like the guy who might be the dad say that he was not going to call Peter “Pilot Pete.” Amazing.

Victoria F. went to Peter’s hotel room the next morning and told him she was falling in love with him and that she was sorry and gave him their old timey photo from their date. Peter told her to come to the rose ceremony and HE GAVE HER A ROSE. Dumpster fire.

The rose ceremony took place in an airport hanger lest we forget Peter is a pilot. Madison, Hannah Anne and Victoria F. are going to Fantasy Suite Dates. Madison pulled Peter aside after he let Kelsey go and had a heart to heart with Kelsey.

Next week is Fantasy Suite Dates! And they are bunking the three ladies together in the same hotel room, no doubt to keep Peter honest on what he does or doesn’t do in the Fantasy Suite dates that could jeopardize his relationship with Madison.

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