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A Cold Rose Ceremony. Hearts Thumping and Madison is Falling Out of Love. The Final Two Are Madison and Hannah Ann.

The episode started by finishing the end of the Fantasy Suite Dates Rose Ceremony. Hannah Ann and Victoria F. looked cold waiting for Peter to start. Peter wandered up to the rose ceremony and saw Madison was not there. Peter looked distressed and turned around. Madison emerged in a red dress and an unhappy mood. At the rose ceremony, Peter called Hannah Ann first and when he was hugging her you could hear their hearts beating loudly in their microphones. Then he called Madison and asked if she would accept the rose. Madison looked mad, but said yeah. Peter asked her, “Are you sure?” It was uncomfortable. Peter walked Victoria F. out, and when he returned and the champagne flutes were handed out, Madison toasted and said, “Here’s to seeing if love can conquer all.” Ouch.

Who Got Kicked Off and Who Came Back: Madison came back for the Rose Ceremony and Victoria F. is going home.

Women Tell All was a smorgasbord of talking over each other to get a word in edgewise. It was not the best. They spent the first half hour talking about Champagne Gate and the next half hour talking about online bullying. It was somber and not cool. Dude, don’t send hate mail to these poor people or to anyone for that matter.

Victoria F. and Kelsey both got to sit in the hot seat with Chris Harrison and it was boring, relatively mundane. Victoria F. apologized for her behavior on the show and Kelsey admitted she was a tear-filled lady.

Ashley I., another lady known for her tears, came out with a giant bottle of champagne to give to Kelsey. Mykenna sprouted cliche motivational posters like Teamwork! And Optimism! And Courage! And Succeed! It was annoying. Neither Natasha, nor Kelley was there. I thought we had moved past Champagne Gate, but no. That will live on.

The Bachelor finale is a two-night event happening Monday and Tuesday 8|7c. And we finally find out who Barb (Pilot Pete’s mom) is referring to!! GO get her, Peter!