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*Update: Peter and Madison amicably split two days later because they realized their lifestyles wouldn’t align.

** Update: Also, Clare Crawley’s season is postponed due to coronavirus (COVID-19) and they are recasting, but never fear Listen to Your Heart starts Monday, April 13th, 8|7c.

Peter is Team Madison and Peter’s Family is Team Hannah Ann.

Congrats to the Happy Couple, Madison and Peter?

Peter pulled a Jason Mesnick/Arie Luyendyk and broke up with the lady he proposed to, Hannah Ann, in order to take a chance with Madison.

Photo Credit: Twitter @abcbachelor

The Recap Gist: Madison left Peter before the final rose ceremony. Peter proposed to Hannah Ann. Not only that, but he asked Hannah Ann’s dad for permission to marry her. Eek. Then at the secret meet-up date after the proposal, Peter pulled an Arie Luyendyk and a Jason Mesnick and broke up with his first pick because he couldn’t stop thinking about his other lady. Hannah Ann gave him back his ring. Good ol’ Chris Harrison went to see Madison to let her know Peter was single. Second chance is what Madison said and went to see him. Peter and Madison met up by a pool and the two put their heads together like they do to read each others’ thoughts I can only assume. And that was that until the live episode with Peter’s family and a live studio audience present.

Who Got Kicked Off: Hannah Ann eventually, but not at first. At first, she got proposed to and then she got dumped for Peter’s second shot at happily ever after with Madison. Considering Madison lives in Alabama and Peter lives at home with his parents in Los Angeles, we’ll see how they date.

The Proposal: Peter proposed to Hannah Ann, his first impression rose lady, after asking her dad permission to marry her. Hannah Ann wore a white dress and Peter told her, “From my first impression rose to my last, will you accept this rose?” He also slipped in Madison’s name and I thought at first he mixed up the names, but it was just to tell her that Madison had left and she was it. Lordy.

The Breakup: Peter broke up with Hannah Ann at their secret house meetup spot. Hannah Ann gave back the ring. Alsoooo, Hannah Ann dropped some knowledge that Peter was still thinking about Hannah B.! Because he asked Hannah Ann if he could get closure with her. Well, well, well. Hannah B. is somewhat back! Hannah Ann is taking her Revolve wardrobe and heading back home and avoiding all turbulence.

Photo Credit: ABC / Peter pulling a Mesnick/Lyundek

After the Final Rose

In other news, Chris Harrison made it a point to point out that our beloved Kelley the attorney was in the audience as well as Neil Lane.

Barbara Took a 180

We got a lot of Barbara this After the Final Rose. Turns out, Barbara, Peter’s mom, was talking about Hannah Ann in her infamous “Bring her home to us” clip, which was not what anyone was expecting. Barbara cried and sobbed to Peter when Peter was talking about Madison and Hannah Ann and what his family thought of the two of them. Peter’s family was clearly partial to Hannah Ann and said that Madison did not fit in with Peter’s lifestyle, nor his religious beliefs and sex life. They were not shy about sharing their preference.

At the After the Final Rose episode, Barbara was clearly Team Hannah Ann. And it was awkward. At one point she whispered to her husband in Spanish, “Say something mean too. Help me.” We see you, Barbara. Barbara, you’re mic’d! We see you!

Peter pulling out his Sylvan Learning Center looks for Madison’s return.

Let’s rewind before that stint. Chris Harrison brought out Madison and sat Peter and Madison looking so happy in love on the couch to ask what was next. Peter said they were going to date and see how it goes. Not quite the ending we were looking for. But why is Neil Lane here!

Barbara was less than pleased. And was not afraid to let Madison know it on live television. ABC put Barb in a box on our TV’s so we could see her reactions throughout the entire episode. Chris Harrison kept going back to Barbs for her opinion hoping she would change her tune and let the couple live happily ever after. Alas, Barbara went in for the attack. She called out Madison for being 3 hours late on her date to meet the family in Australia and not apologizing for it, and for not being compatible with her son. Welp.

Barbara wanted what was best for her son and pointed out that Madison and Peter had differing lifestyles. She also called out Madison for not compromising or meeting Peter halfway. Madison didn’t retort a lot. She stuck up for herself a bit. Peter stuck up for Madison and said that love should be the only thing that matters.

I think Barbara was also enjoying her time in the limelight and was very conscious of the cameras on her reactions during all of the scenes. She was definitely Team Hannah Ann and did not want to welcome Madison to the fam. It’s unfortunate that Peter lives at home in Los Angeles.

We’ll see how Madison and Peter’s relationship plays out in the real world.*

Meanwhile, let’s get ready for some salt and pepper men! Because long-time, four-seasons veteran, Clare Crawley, 38, is the next Bachelorette!! And she is ready for love. She has her self-esteem, confidence and knows what she wants in a partner. Let’s go!**

Listen to Your Heart premieres April 13th, 8|7c on ABC.

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