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The men have the roses this week and three new arrivals mix it up. Four dates, An “I’m falling in love with you,” and Julia is listening to her heart as love interests form.

Happy Friday! The musical artists came out with songs galore and made a couple connections and love triangles nights one and two! The ladies handed out the roses last week, which meant it was the men’s turn this week! And we have some new lady arrivals to cause a stir. Natascha with a “C” came in hot. Natascha walked in with her crop top and came guns a blazin’ for Trevor…who was not there. He was out on a date with young Jamie singing on the Santa Monica boardwalk. (Sidenote: Jamie’s voice is lovely. Trevor’s not so much. And them together was rough.) Anywho, that won’t stop them!

Who got kicked off: Weeks 1 & 2. The first week the men with the black X’s got kicked off. The second week the ladies with the red X’s got kicked off.



Trevor got the date card and asked Jamie. No surprise there.

Jamie and Trevor sang a song on Santa Monica pier and then ended their date in a private little hot tub. Cheers! When Jamie and Trevor did return from their date, Natascha with a “C” pulled Trevor aside. At the same time, the ladies in the house spilled the tea to Jamie that Natascha with a “C” claims Trevor is a cheater! Jamie was like I always date the cheaters and sobbed. Trevor admitted that he had “emotionally cheated” on Natascha’s friend from home. Alrighty. At first, when they first met at the house, Trevor could not place Natascha, and I’m almost positive he was like Oh shoot did I sleep with this lady. But no, she was just there to blow up his spot.

Despite Natascha’s brand new information and the sobs, Jamie talks to Trevor and just can’t stay away. Jamie chooses to forego all the signs and say to heck with it! Let’s keep dating!


Bri asked Chris on a date to Guitar Center. Like she literally got down on one knee to ask him on this date. It’s been like a day? A week? What is happening?

The Guitar Center was closed to the public at night and Bri and Chris had the ability to walk around. Cool. They did get to play one of the guitars and the piano so that was more exciting. They jammed and played around and wrote a song together and expressed their undying love for each other. Bri revealed she had been previously engaged and upon finding the wedding dress the fiancé told her not to purchase it. Eek. Bri said she’s falling in love with Chris after a week, less than a week? of dating. And he’s like ditto, and plays the familiar tune of “I can’t help falling in love with you,” on a piano.


Sheridan got the date card and asked Julia.

Sheridan has his heart and eyes set on Julia. Unfortunately, Julia has her eyes on both Sheridan and Brandon and mainly on Brandon. Nevertheless, Sheridan took Julia on a date to iHeartRadio and did a live interview. The interview was awkward because they asked if Julia and Sheridan had kissed and if they had kissed others. They had kissed, but only Julia had kissed others. Anywho, when they got back to the mansion, Julia basically shut Sheridan down saying she wanted to also see if there was something there with Brandon. Bad move, because Brandon is liking Savannah.


Savannah got the date card and asked Brandon.

They went to The Dresden, a jazz, lounge, piano bar where this adorable old couple has been playing there together for 38 years, basically forever. They opened up the mic and Savannah and Brandon went on stage to sing Fever. It was…average. They seemed to dig each other, so that’s great. All set on the singing though.

Back at the Ranch, The Sneaky Kiss

Julia and Sheridan got back from their date and Julia went a’lookin’ for Brandon who was out on a date with Savannah. Brandon is a hot commodity. New girl Mariana has a little crush on him, Savannah took him on a date, Mel is crushing hard and Julia is crushing too. When Brandon got back from his date with Savannah that night, Julia stole a kiss from Brandon in an attempt see if there was still a connection between them and saying she had to do “what was best for her.” Turns out, Brandon chose Savannah at the end of the night. Can’t fight the fever.

Mel was devastated in the limo ride home. I don’t know what’s happening with Mel. She’s like sporadic all over the place and real upset about Brandon, but editing makes it seem like they’ve said all of two words to each other, so it doesn’t make sense how strong her feelings are, but who am I to judge. It was a lot.

Rudi went all over the place too, fighting for a rose. She kissed Ryan aka John Mayor (as did Natascha with a “C”). Then she went back to Matt and had a full make-out session. All is forgiven because I like Rudi’s voice so I’d like her to stay and to hear her sing more.

Singing Checklist: These are peeps we’ve heard sing already, only week 2 into it.

Chris, Bri, Rudi, Savannah, Brandon, Sheridan, Julia, Ryan, Jami, Trevor Ruby. We have yet to hear Natascha with a “C”, Danny, Bekah, and Gabe.

Of these I like Rudi (NOT Ruby), Ryan aka John Mayor and Jamie.

Rose Ceremony

Staying: Bri chose Chris. Jamie chose Trevor. Matt chose Rudi. Ryan aka John Mayor chose Natascha with a “C” (to Trevor’s dismay). Danny chose Bekah (we still have no idea who these two are). Gabe chose Ruby (again not a lot of screentime for these two). Brandon chose Savannah. Sheridan chose Julia. Going home: Cheyenne, Mel and Mariana

Next week the performances start. Oof, refill that glass and bring on the celebrity judges. Cheers!

How are we feeling, Bachelor nation!

Tweets of the Night: These tweeters are coming in strong.