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Matthew Hussey and A New Netflix Show

If you don’t know who Matthew Hussey is, stop right here and go google him immediately. Wait…no…I’ll just post a boatload of attractive photos of him and you can picture him speaking to you in a British accent making you feel like he sees deep into your soul and just gets you. That is Matthew Hussey. He is a life, love, relationship coach to the stars and millions of ladies. He coaches ladies on relationships and to understand dating, men and how to create space for their love stories. Am I close, Matt? Can I call you, Matt?

And he wears a mask…Le sigh.

The Single Wives on Netflix

The Single Wives Netflix show follows 4 women (3 divorcées and 1 widow) in Australia through their dating soirées for a second chance at love, and it is fabulous. Matthew Hussey is assigned to coach them through this exciting new task of meeting and dating men. In the Netflix’s show’s Season 1, he has the ladies look at themselves and their dating habits, while also practicing all aspects of dating – from speed dating, to picking up a guy on the street, to approaching a guy at the bar, to mingling at a mixer, to asking men out on online dating. Practice, practice, practice! And meet those men! He assigns them tasks to get them dates for the day. He then observes the dates as the ladies meet their potential suitors. He throws out at advice or occasionally pulls the ladies aside to correct a habit the women don’t know they have that might be preventing them from meeting the potential love of their life. He coaches them through conversations and occasionally brings the women together to recap dates and learn from each other’s experiences. The ladies have a pool party, a dinner date, and many more dates to come. It’s just great. It’s like watching dates and love stories unfold and learning from the coach Matthew Hussey all at once. Go watch his youtube channel…like now…but also The Single Wives.

Anywhoozle, it’s also just great to watch Matthew Hussey throw out advice, call out the ladies on not being vulnerable and have them meet many men to date and fall for. I may have watched a ton of episodes in one go, so catch up so we can chat about it.

Fave quote thus far goes to Samantha-look-a-like, Sheridan, “I know how to pick them up, I just don’t know how to keep them,” after Matthew complimented her on her pick-up challenge skills. Sheridan reminds me of Samantha from Sex and the City and it makes me so happy. Love her.

Bonus Fun Fact for Bachelor Fans

You may recognize Matthew Hussey from Eva Longoria’s show Ready for Love, which aired for a brief period of time and was also amazing. Matthew was one of three love life coaches to coach three men through the matchmaking process of finding the loves of their lives. Fun Fact here is that one of the men on that show was the brother of JoJo from Season 12 of The Bachelorette. So many crossovers! (Read: Season 12 of The Bachelorette: Everything You Need to Know About JoJo and Her Men and The Bachelor Ben H.: Quick Recap Week 8 Hometowns for tidbits about it.)

Matthew Hussey for your stalking researching pleasure.
Author of New York Times Bestseller book Get the Guy
Youtube channel: Matthew Hussey
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Website: howtogettheguy.com
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