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Clare Crawley’s season 16 of The Bachelorette airs, Tuesday, October 13th at 8|7c on ABC. Steel your wine glasses – that timing was dependent on the NBA finals (read more below). Bless you, Lakers. We couldn’t wait another minute until The Bachelorette.

Everything You Need to Know About This Season and Clare

Clare Crawley is 39-years-old from Sacramento, CA. She has been on countless seasons of The Bachelor franchise, including Bachelor in Paradise (twice) and that one stint of Bachelor Winter Games where she became engaged to Canadian Benoit Beauséjour-Savard. Clare first entered The Bachelor world on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor, where she finished as runner-up to nurse Nikki Ferrell, who is now happily married to not Juan Pablo.

Clare is the youngest of six sisters. Her Dad passed away. And she was a hairstylist, and she is ready to find love and break out of quarantine.

Paul Hebert/ABC via EOnline

Clare Crawley’s 31 Men

How many are there? There are 31 men.

ABC’s put in a few good Canadian men in there, because we know Clare likes that accent (see: Benoit and their engagement on Bachelor Winter Games. Ah, reminiscing.)

Page is a cook, so that is excellent. He stays. (Totally no idea, just my opinion. Any man that can cook is ok in my book.) And I’m in love with Chasen from my hometown of San Diego, so Clare, you can cut that one straightaway, and I’ll call dibs.

There are a few ex-pro football players, a few New York City folk that I think will start a crew, and a few California and Florida kids to keep it sunny.

And we have two Blake M.’s and not JUST Blake M.’s but Blake Mo’s. Blake Monar and Blake Moynes are here to confuse us. From henceforth, we shall call Blake Monar – Blake With The Good Hair, because you can see why. No need for explanation. And possibly, Canadian Blake for Blake Moynes.

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Spoiler Alert! Seriously, don’t read if you don’t want to know! (Skip to the non-spoilers.)

What Are you doing? Stop Reading. Skip to Matt James.

Ok, so here we are. If you haven’t read anything about this season, this will be news to you, but if you’ve only just googled Clare you can find this out as the top headline. Clare is rumored to choose a guy right off the bat – Dale Moss. And then Tayshia comes in. Okay! Even playing field. That’s the word on the Google street even when you don’t google spoilers. Because I don’t do spoilers.

Matt James’ Ladies Are Announced for The Bachelor

A little sneak preview, Matt James’ ladies are up on Twitter. Go on. Have yourself a little sneak peek. There are 41 of them. So plan your wine glass accordingly. They are still not up on ABC officially yet.

Rosé All Day

Don’t forget to stock up on these Bachelor Alum producers of wine – Chris Harrison included. Did you know Chris Harrison has an entire cellar of wine? Like a lot of wine. The things you learn in quarantine 2020 and Group Dates SIP (Shelter in Place) with Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima.

Fun Fact: Air Date

The Bachelorette could have aired Tuesday, October 20th, as opposed to this week Tuesday, October 13th because of the NBA Finals. LeBron and the Lakers did us a solid. And Bachelor Nation and LA rejoiced.

See you tomorrow, Bachelor Fans, for the premiere!